And Then The Weekend Was Over

After The Color Run Saturday the hubs and I spent our day catching up on errands, cleaning house, and getting in a little relaxation. (Super exciting and glamorous, eh?) I did manage to book at hotel for the hubs upcoming birthday beach trip which I am totally excited about! I need some sunshine in my life!!!!

beachSunday morning was a bit of a mad rush to get things in order as the hubs and I would be going out and doing our own things for most of the day. I was super excited to be invited to my very first Perfectly Posh party (say that 3 times super fast…)

posh (600x450)If you are unfamiliar with Perfectly Posh, as I was, it is a line of natural beauty and pampering products. Posh avoids chemicals and additives in their product. It’s sort of like going organic, but for your skin and body. Perfectly Posh doesn’t test on animals and they even note their “vegan” products throughout the catalog. What’s not to love about that?

posh4 (450x600)Plus all of the products we tried were AWESOME! I left feeling soft and pampered (and smelling fabulous too).

posh2 (450x600)Needless to say, I have a big perfectly posh purchase coming in the mail. Um and how cute are their product names??

posh3 (450x600)*Note I have not been compensated by Perfectly Posh in any way nor asked to endorse them. I just loved the products!!

I even won a party door prize which I have been using non-stop.

posh7 (450x600)After the posh party I met back up with the hubs to totally switch gears for the day.  We were having a few pals over to celebrate the return of Game of Thrones!! Any other fans out there? Obviously, I had to represent my favorite character via t-shirt…..

posh5 (480x480)Our friends were covering the main course and dessert so the hubs and I were on drinks and sides duty. I made my smashed potato skins, corn, and rolls.

posh9 (450x600) posh8 (450x600)Everything was heavenly, if I do say so myself!! Such a simple but delicious meal.

posh10 (450x600)(I did save 1/2 of my chicken for today. SO good.) And then it was time for the main event.. We enjoyed some small slices of cake and turned on Game of Thrones!!!

posh12 (450x600) posh6 (421x600)It was a fun end to a fun weekend!!!

Are you a Game of Thrones fan?