Ordinary Things

I have to admit I have been feeling a bit down this week. I am just going to blame it on the fact that Spring came barreling in like this…

good12 (300x400) good13 (300x400)Really?!? It’s nearly April. Sadly, I sort of let this ruin my workout schedule and I might have made s’mores. Ahem. Anyway, today is a new day and I woke up this morning truly focusing on all of the ordinary things in my life that have been making me smile recently.

St. Paddy’s with my Irish Pal

good1 (400x400) good2 (400x400)An unexpected work-week outing with one of my best girls for the Divergent premiere.

good3 (400x247) good4 (400x300)A Spring mani/pedi (I could practically hear angels singing).

good5 (400x400)Wandering into a new store and finding a cuff that not only looks totally rad but warmed my heart!

good6 (400x400)

Being able to treat my mother to a proper Birthday brunch (and my pops too while we were at it). 😉

good7 (300x400) good10 (400x300) good8 (400x400) good9 (400x400) good11 (400x400)

Training for a new race…and it’s girly, sparkly, and pink. I cant even handle it!

good14And…being just a few tiny days away from seeing GAVIN DEGRAW!!!!! (yes again). 😉

IMG_4995 (400x400) IMG_4981 (400x400)Concentrating on being mindful, thankful, and happy!

What has you smiling this week?