Race Recap- VA Beach Shamrock 8k

Saturday morning we had a start time of 7:45. Being used to Disney race scheduling I was thinking this would mean being at the start over an hour early etc. After asking around it turns out all we had to be was on time. This meant sleeping until 6:00am! That was unheard of for me on a race day. The hubs ran across the street to grab us some pre race coffee and oatmeal. Then we took off for our 1.25 mile walk to the start line.

race1 (300x400)Parking was a bit of an issue for a race this size and walking from our hotel made much more sense than paying to park only a quarter mile or so closer. Plus parking meant dealing with road closures etc. Anyway, we made it WAY back to corral 13 with plenty of time to spare.

race2 (300x400)After the first corrals were released it was about 30 minutes until we made it to the start line.

race3 (400x300)The first couple miles on the “hotel” side of the course are not the most exciting. Luckily though, most people were in a happy mood and at least trying to use some form of runner/walker etiquette. With the course being so flat it was a smooth walk/jog/run and we were making our way to the “good” part.

race6 (300x400)The BEACH!!! I was so excited to turn onto the boardwalk and have the beautiful beach as my backdrop for a couple of miles.

race4 (300x400) race7 (300x400) (2)As for me, I stayed consistent with my pace….my slow pace. I think after The Disneyland 10k and hurting my foot so badly there I was a little nervous to get out there again. Luckily, the hubs didn’t pressure me and he even kept my pace throughout the race.

race8 (300x400) (2)

race11 (300x400)I didn’t feel any back, foot, ankle, or knee pain during the race which was tremendously encouraging. Before we were off the course I was already looking forward to coming back and conquering the boardwalk with a faster pace at another event (Wicked 10K perhaps??)

race9 (300x400) (2) race10 (400x300)After one quick turn on and off the street we were back on the OTHER side of the Boardwalk and headed to the finish.

race12 (400x400)Loved the finish line and obviously who doesnt love a beach after party??

race13 (400x300) race14 (400x300)I grabbed a water and Shamrock cookie to recover and then it was all smiles with my shiny new medal!

race15 (300x400) race16 (400x400)

race17 (300x400)Since the race was over early the hubs and I spent the day soaking up the sunshine. Since we got engaged at VA Beach many years ago, we were even able to go back and visit the approximate spot he popped the question!

race18 (400x400) race19 (400x400)And we ended our little beach mini getaway with a celebratory “Orange Crush” from Watermans… Perfection!

race20 (400x400)

We had a great time and have already decided we will be back for more events! It’s so nice to have such a rad race series just a tiny car ride away!!


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