New Blog, New Month, New Goals

Welcome back!! What do you think of the new look??? I thought it was about time this little blog had a facelift as it was quite overdo. Does anyone actually remember reading when this was the banner???

banner2Talk about old school! Frankly, looking at how old this blog is makes me a little sad. While there have been many successes I am ultimately reminded my main goal is yet to be reached. But, you truly only have to get it right once.  And I think I am on a good path. During my last visit with the doctor he suggested reevaluating my goals monthly to make sure I expected more of myself as I gained strength and stamina. While it’s a bit late here are my March goals.

Running: Oh how I love to hate you. To be honest, what was once a passion for me turned to pure dread after so many rotten runs and terrible races. So, I am getting back to basics with Ease Into 5k. I want to be running at a great (and happy pace) and know this is the way to get there. Plus cutting runs down to 3 times weekly assures I won’t get burnt out.

goal5And speaking of running- on days I cant hit the trail I am finally feeling confident enough to utilize my neighborhood. It’s not the most exciting BUT it takes any and all excuses out of the equation.


Diet:  I am continuing to follow Weight Watchers and plan to return to meetings this month to more accurately monitor my weight loss, get support with my goals, and keep me on track.


While I am planning to wrap up each month with a photo progress report I just had to show the difference that two weeks on plan has made in my face. I was startled when I snapped a shot straight on this weekend (not from that magical tilted downward angle….I know you know the one. ) 😉

goal7Seeing that progress definitely lights a fire to keep on going!!

Juicing: I am planning to juice cleanse once weekly. I find it is a great way to get rid of toxins, get in plenty of fruits and veggies, and give my digestive system a bit of a rest day so to speak.

goal3I am currently trying to figure out a plan for my non running days. Possibly a combination of yoga and just good old fashioned gym time. My doc recommended some strength training so I am figuring out where to go with that as well.

I am happy with my March progress so far and feel like Spring will be the beginning of a great transformation!


What are your current fitness goals?