Super Secret Confession

Lots to talk about but before we get things under way I just want to wish a Happy (early) Birthday to my pal Siobhan. We took full advantage of 1/2 price sushi night to celebrate. And isn’t she looking gorgeous with her first post-mama makeover?  Happy Birthday girl!!!

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As you all know, I had a doctor’s appointment last week for my regular routine physical. I got a super speedy call back on my lab work and the doctor said everything looked “excellent”. I feel like knowing I am healthy gives me a green light to push harder with my workouts. I kicked things up over the weekend and am pushing ahead at full speed. My #1 priorities are weight loss and health obviously but I do have a secret….

I have run Disney races in tiaras, themed shirts, and even Cheshire cat ears. However, I have to secretly confess that I have always always always wanted to run in a full blown costume- tutu, crown, and the whole package. I made a little deal with myself that if I met a personal goal I would run the Happy Haunted 5k at Disney as…The Red Queen in this fabulous tutu.

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Sure, some might feel like this is silly or stupid, but to me it is a big deal. It is something very normalizing and cute. I am definitely on the right track to making it happen!

And speaking of races- I cannot believe I am only two weeks away from the Shamrock 8k. I cannot wait to get my paws on this medal!


In addition to workouts, I have been focusing on healthy food choices as well. Lots of water, plenty of protein, cutting carbohydrates (somewhat), and nixing any food after 8:00 have all been big steps in the direction I am trying to go. And what is even better? Eating clean has actually been delicious too.

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I have also given up diet sodas (other than 1 or 2 on the weekends). I sound like an addict, right? Ugh. However, truth bomb alert, I doubt I can ever give up my morning coffee. Just not happening.

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In other random, not actually news news, I have to show off the two cute finds I recently stumbled upon at Target.

My new “Elsa” blue workout shirt…

soup12 (400x400)

And this adorable sandwich/wrap container. Give Peas a Chance…Heh

soup6 (300x400)

Am I the only one who goes in Target for toothpaste and comes out with 3 bags of stuff? Ridiculous. 😉  Anyway, I am off to enjoy the last little bit of this Tuesday! Goodnight!!

Have you ever run a race in costume?

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  1. Meg B says:

    I have the same shirt but in neon green (better visibility on my early morning runs). I love it!
    I think rewards for hitting certain goals are an excellent idea. And dressing as the Queen of Hearts sounds like a blast. Good luck hitting that goal!
    Meg B recently posted…And the Thunder RolledMy Profile

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