The Elusive Saturday Workout

This was the second Saturday in a row I was up well before the sun. In fact, before noon the hubs and I had accomplished all of the following…..

A Visit To the Eye Doc to Order Contacts

A Stop At The Community Market for Farm Fresh Eggs, Local Grass Fed Meats, and Produce

sat12 (300x400) sat11 (300x400)

I also scored some honey from a local farm. So delicious!

sat10 (400x400)

Shopping For Gym/Workout Clothes

sat9 (300x400)

Gift Shopping At a Local Boutique

sat6 (300x400) (2)


An Early Lunch At Farm Basket.

sat4 (400x300) sat3 (300x400) sat5 (300x400)

And Making A Meal Plan/Grocery List for the week

sat2 (300x400)

After spending a couple hours doing our own thing I invited the hubs along for my workout. People seem to be pretty opinionated on the topic of Saturday workouts. Some love a quick workout first thing on a Saturday, some use Saturday for a super sized workout or lung run, and yet others are all about some rest. I was thinking back to my more active days I was certainly a super sized workout kind of girl when time permitted. I decided to get out to the trail for a little hill work.

Luckily, the hubs knows the off road trails from all of his mountain biking so he had the perfect 3 (and some change) mile loop for us to tackle.

sat13 (300x400)

It seemed like a good plan in theory but a quarter mile of climbing downhill had me feeling not so sure.

sat14 (300x400)

The truth is, this is my first “real” workout in awhile. While Ive been hitting the trail regularly for walks this was the first day I felt ready to really kick my fitness into gear. I was a little nervous as nature isn’t exactly my comfort zone but I certainly wasn’t turning back…So we were off.

sat15 (400x300)

First, we climbed up to this swinging bridge. Not my favorite but you cant beat the view!!

sat16 (300x400) sat17 (300x400)

Then we hit a walkway with lots of opportunities for hill work. Essentially, these little walkways are carved into the hillside with nothing but steep banks and water below. Its a little unnerving at first, but 100% safe. They take awesome care of this trail both on and off road!

sat18 (300x400) sat19 (300x400)

I was so distracted by the cool scenery that the miles were flying by.

sat20 (300x400) sat24 (300x400)

And the best part? I was working HARD. I mentioned to the hubs that I was totally hurting- not because I was wearing the wrong shoes or uncomfortable gear but because I was pushing myself. It felt pretty great!

sat27 (300x400)

One more swinging bridge to go, and we were coming out on the other side of the trail…at the top. DONE!

sat23 (300x400) sat25 (300x400) sat26 (300x400) sat28 (300x400)

I am officially back in business for regular workouts! I cannot wait to keep moving this week!

What is your Saturday workout routine?

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