Epic Dinner Fail and Other News

Big day with racing news… For the very few who might have missed it Run Disney made an HUGE announcement introducing a new Run Disney event.  There were rumblings of super heroes and Star Wars all over blogs and twitter this week.  Officially- Disneyland California will be hosting an Avengers 1/2 Marathon weekend complete with kid’s races and a family friendly 5k. It sounds like a blast! Registration opens March 25th so get ready to assemble runners!!! Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to sponsor me and send me to this inaugural race…..well lets just say I wouldn’t turn you down! Ahem.


And next up in the way of much more local race news- the hubs and some of his work pals are putting together a Color Run team for an April race. Since we had such a blast running this crazy race last summer I did not even hesitate to worm my way onto his team. Ahem.. Team Running Rainbow is in the house!!!


And, not race related- you may have noticed (to your right) that the blog is sporting some extra banners and such (gotta pay the bills, yall). Hehe. But seriously, I am really excited to have added Reebok as a friend of the blog. While I have never used their shoes for running (full disclosure and all) I am a fan of their workout gear. Tonight as I was perusing their website I noticed they have a pretty rad section of dance and yoga gear. I am pretty sure my return to Bikram Yoga classes needs to happen in these pants.. Drool.

avengers 2

I had planned to end this blog with a recipe for “Salsa Verde” turkey burgers….but since that was an epic fail I will leave you with a cute photo of a guinea pig in a tiny red wagon…You’re welcome.


Happy Tuesday!!!

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