Oh the Drama

Turns out it has been quite an eventful few days in our household. This week certainly bought the drama. First, can we just have a discussion about how ridiculous vet bills can become? After a mysterious injury our little corgi had to be raced to the emergency vet Thursday night. Talk about dramatic. One hearty car payment and two hours later we find out little Harlow has a tiny fracture in her leg. 8 weeks of crate rest!!!!!! So far, shes bitter and sad about being confined (going to be a long 8 weeks) but we are just happy shes alive and well enough to be grumpy!


Also this week, after eons as a super dark brunette I decided an upcoming Birthday was the perfect excuse for some highlights/lowlights in my life. There are a couple changes I want to make next time around, BUT I am pretty excited with the end result.

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With Birthday weekend upon us, I MAY have purchased myself a little gift. It arrived yesterday, and I have to say, its pretty dramatic. I can’t wait to carry it with approximately one million outfits in my closet!

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And finally, some very wanted and awesome drama. Our pals gifted us with some Jersey Boys tickets for Christmas. It was an added bonus that the show day fell so we could celebrate my Birthday Jersey Boys style!

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Jersey Boys is the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. It’s full of awesome music, cool stories, and cute guys with angelic voices.  However, it also comes with a little disclaimer. Teehee.

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“Authentic” just means they drop the “f bomb” a lot BUT, and I cant really explain it, but even if you are the type to be offended by that I just dont think youll find it offensive in this context. The musical was heartwarming and fun. We all left with huge smiles on our faces!

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If you are ever in NYC or have the opportunity to see the touring production- Do it! Loved it!


Any drama in your life this week? Anyone else out there buy themselves a Birthday gift or is that just me?



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