Cheers to Friday

It’s Friday Ya’ll. Woohoo!! That means we made it through another week and there are two glorious days of weekend right in front of us.  Here are the top 3 things getting a “cheers” this Friday!


1. Road Tripping!! Barring no nasty weather interruptions the hubs and I are off for a Christmas themed weekend in Williamsburg, VA. Think warm beverages, Christmas lights, fancy (and healthy) brunch, shopping, AND an excuse to bust out my faux fur puffy coat! LOVE!



2. My first Snow Village. As I child I always marveled at the beautiful and intricate Christmas snow villages in the department stores. Every last detail from the streetlight to the freshly fallen snow was in place. Ive secretly always wanted one so this year we jumped in and started our “village”. My childlike side maaaaaay have taken over just a touch as Im now proudly displaying…. A Griswold Christmas (complete with cousin Eddie!)

a12 (400x313)

a11 (300x400)

3. Fat Frog Red.  Its a secret to nobody on this planet that I am a wine lover. However, I am probably as far from a snobby wine drinker as you will ever meet. Sweet wines are my jam. A couple summers ago, during a bachelorette wine tour in upstate New York, I discovered some pretty amazing wines. One of which was the sweetest yummiest red- Fat Frog Red. Luckily my lovely pal Siobhan was recently in NY and she scored a bottle for me. YAY!!!


What is getting a “cheers” from you this Friday?