Sneak Peek

Ahem… Hello? Is anyone still out there?? Sorry to have left everyone hanging this week. I cant explain how crazy and busy wrapping up my last week at the office was. It was also pretty emotional which I wasnt really expecting. Moving past something that has been part of your life for 8 years is scary…and awesome. Im so ready for whats next!

Speaking of which we have been HARD at work on renovating our upstairs so I could have a working home office. Remember when it was just for storage and looked like this??

IMG_4608 (300x400) IMG_4609 (300x400) IMG_4610 (300x400) IMG_4611 (300x400)

After a month of daily work, some selling, charity, reorganization, and LOTS of sweat and creativity everything is coming together nicely. Im noy ready for the “big reveal” just yet but here is a little sneak peek of what Ive been up to….

renovate3 (400x400) renovate2 (400x400) renovate4 (400x400) renovate5 (400x400) arenovate (400x300)

Im also THRILLED to finally have the all clear to return to running after my injury! Sooooo, Im off to fuel up and hit the trail! Happy Sunday!