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I don’t talk a lot about work here on the blog. Honestly, I don’t see that ever changing. All anyone really needs to know about that part of my life is Im a traditional 9-5er and I experience both the good and bad things that come with that. When all is said and done I love my line of work and have enjoyed a very exciting 8 years of learning and growth at my current job. But, as with all things in life it came time to change things up a bit and move forward.

moving on



 So, it’s with tons of excitement that I am taking the next step forward in my career.  Ill be working with a company Ive grown to greatly respect over the years. I am nervous and I am excited.


  Part of my new position involves office hours from a home office and lots of telecommuting. Soooo operation Office Space (teehee) is under way.




 The hubs and I have started the pretty monumental task of overhauling our upstairs. It’s been used as a closet/storage since we moved in. In fact, my friend Jamie recently said to me “I didn’t even realize you had an upstairs”. Yeah. Its that bad. About a week into operation office I remember to take some “before” pictures. I warn you, its crazy..

IMG_4608 (300x400) IMG_4609 (300x400) IMG_4610 (300x400)



 Now, everyone knows you have to make a mess in order to really organize. Ive moved out over 100 books, donated clothes, sent a bundle of clothes to Twice (more on that rad site some other time), and have a growing sale/donate pile of clothes, shoes, and bags.

IMG_4612 (300x400)

Even though the hubs and I are not crafty-oriented type people we have some BIG do-it-yourself plans for a his and hers office upstairs with plenty of room for storage. In fact, desks, wall hangings, material, and accessories are all starting to arrive. We are getting a bit lost in al of the boxes but things are really coming together. I cant to REALLY get my hands dirty this weekend and make some serious progress up there. I have a feeling Pinterest and I are going to be BFF for the next few weeks.


So lots of big projects, big changes, and big excitement ahead. And an added bonus? Ill be back to work-outs next week too!!

Are you a Pinterest Project do-er?


  1. Xai says:

    Good luck organizing that stuff! In our apartment, the guest room is pretty much filled with crap. I know I’m gonna have to organize but I’m dreading the day I do.

  2. FruitFly says:

    Good luck with the new career plans!! *Note, get that stapler!! It was my first purchase when I started my job. I’m on my second red stapler now. It’s a must-have!!

    And what a project you have a home. Good luck with that one, too!!

    Pinterest is like crack. I can’t go a day without it!

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