Summer Obsessions

Here we are a few days into summer and who doesn’t love that?  What’s not to love? I mean it’s cute sundresses, vacations, and just moving a bit slower than the usual hustle and bustle. It’s good. In between the swimming, ice cream, and lazy Sunday nights I almost feel like a kid again. With that said there are some things I am loving this summer…obsessed with if you will. So without further ado…. Running In Pink Project’s Summer Obsessions:


Gold Gold

I have always been a white gold kind of girl. But there is something about this summer that is making me pine for the bright bold glow of yellow gold. I picked up this piece to start my collection and I am obsessed. I am envisioning it with a solid white outfit sometime in my very near future!

mk watch2


Summer salads get all of the glory but what about a good summer wrap? I LOVE using these low calorie, low point wheat tortillas to roll my own masterpieces. You can cram in everything from fresh veggies to hummus to veggie spreads to amazing rare roast beef you find on ridiculous sale at the supermarket. Ahem. I see a lot of wraps in my future this summer!
IMG_4639 (400x300) IMG_4643 (300x400)
Gavin Degraw’s New Jam
It’s not exactly a secret that I puffy heart Gavin Degraw. Kristen and I saw him on our perfect road-trip last summer and again on our anti-valentine date just a couple months ago. He’s pretty much the bees knees. Soooo imagine my excitement when I found out he had a new summer song coming out. Best I Ever Had (not to oversell it…) is amazeballs!! It literally screams summer. Can’t you just imagine rocking out to this at a grill out after a long day at the lake? AGH!
Listen HERE
IMG_2423 (400x300)

 Seagrams Ginger-ale*

I know I am going to catch a lot of flack for this but I dont care. Some people are pretty irritated about Segrams formula change. However, I am still digging the “bite” of ginger in these 100 calorie cans. Plus ginger-ale is just one of my year round faves. I am loving it “on the rocks” this summer in some festive glasses!

IMG_4646 (300x400) IMG_4647 (400x300)


Sorry. Call me boring if you will but black and white is my most favorite combo of all time. I am PUMPED that it is one of the biggest fashion trends of summer 2013. Can we just all take a minute to admire this bag that Im lusting after like its my job???


What are YOUR summer obsessions?

*Disclaimer: Seagrams provided me with a free package of their products but the opinions expressed here are my own


  1. Emily says:

    Mmm, I do love ginger ale but I haven’t tried the new Seagrams. Interesting. And wraps? Yum!! In fact, I might need to make me one of those pronto. Happy Summer!!

  2. Xai says:

    Ooh, I definitively have to try the new Seagrams ginger ale. That gold watch is so pretty! I’m actually partial to rose gold and it doesn’t hurt that they always have pretty rose gold jewelry at Target.

  3. Jessica C. says:

    I’ve also been getting into yellow gold lately 🙂 my summer obsessions are definitely summery dresses, fro-yo, and lately Arnold Palmers! Nomz!

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