Race Recap- The Color Run

So, the tag line for this race is…. “Happiest 5K On Earth” and (spoiler alert) it really kind of is. The hubs was not pumped to be getting up at 5:00 am (the race was an hour away AND we had to be extra early for packet pick-up) but even he was all smiles after we got there.

IMG_4502 (300x400)

It would have been hard not to be. All of the volunteers were super nice and we had our packets in no time. Inside them was a Color Run T-Shirt, Color Runner Sweat Band, Temporary Tattoos, and, of course, your massive color packet for the finish line!

DSC04764 (400x300)

Now that we are nearly a week outside of this race I can also say Ive actually worn the race shirt out. I find that race shirts usually suck but this one has a cool 80’s vibe and it makes me smile. We also moseyed over to the Color Run Merchandise table where I scored some cool striped Color Run Knee Socks. The hubs pointed out how reasonable their prices were as compared to many other races we have done. (Points score Color Run!). Anywho, since we were mega early my first line of business was hunting down the run-i-corn.

DSC04757 (300x400)


DSC04751 (300x400)

Then it was off to snap a few photos of the venue for the blog before the massive crowds arrived. Everything was really bright and happy. The DJ was playing some fun jams (Kriss Kross and Britney Spears, come on now!!) and everyone arriving was in a really lighthearted frame of mind.

DSC04753 (400x300) DSC04734 - Copy (300x400) DSC04737 (300x400)

The hubs and I decided to stretch a bit and then join in the Dance Party warm up. The crowds had really picked up by this point and there were clean white shirts everywhere! By this time the volunteers with water guns were out in full force shooting anyone not dancing and having a good time. 😉 You stop dancing to Will-I-Am for one second and BAM shot in the back!

IMG_4504 (400x400) DSC04770 (400x300) DSC04773 (400x300)

A Conga line moved everyone over to the starting line. The race did start in waves but there were no corrals. You simply jumped in when you felt like it. The course was supposedly very wide and there was a runners to the left, walkers to the right rule. There were no timers, no clocks, no mile markers and oddly enough no runners looking to be super serious or PR. This is a nice change from other 5Ks that are intended to be light hearted fun races that still somehow end up with grumpy pants runners bitching the entire way about the crowds. There were several spots in the starting area where staff were tossing down free prizes and dousing everyone in color. Never a dull moment.

DSC04752 (400x300) DSC04774 (400x300)

And then we were off. The hubs and I stayed close enough to the right that we could move over to walk if we needed. However, once we were on the course I paid zero attention to our time or running pace. We were just out for a fun run. And our first color station was upon us before we knew it…..PINK!

DSC04776 (400x300) DSC04777 (400x300)

The course was actually really fun. There were lots of spots where spectators were on overpasses tossing down color and shooting runners with water guns. The course started at the civic center, went down toward the Roanoke times, through their parking garage, and then looped back around. There were some hills, a couple pretty epic ones, but nothing too crazy. Plus every half mile or so was a color party. Whats not to love? Next up for us… Orange!

DSC04779 (400x300) 7WqcnO5uKjMl_iSDO1WTwcHYyjLZuXCjqwS-Vs6-W1k (400x300)

If you’ve never done one of these runs essentially you run through color stations every half mile or so. In the stations are several volunteers with squeeze bottles of powdered color. As you run through the station they douse your clothes/skin/hair in color. If you are running with a baby or child I would recommend picking up a color run “bandana” and covering their mouths as you run through. The color is all natural and not harmful BUT it could be uncomfortable for a little one to breathe in too much. With that said there were TONS of kids and strollers on the course and this is the perfect first 5k for your budding runner!  Next it was onto the yellow.

DSC04782 (400x300) DSC04781 (300x400)

After yellow came a water station where we were shot with green water as we waited in line for our cups. At this point we were over halfway done and had a view of the runners just starting the course. Dont they look clean?

DSC04783 (400x300)

The last, most fun, and hardest color to wash off was next….. BLUE!

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After the blue zone our clean faces were no more. We were head to toe covered in color. This made for our most colorful finish photo EVER!

IMG_4523 (300x400)

And speaking of finishes…How fun is this finish line festival? Colorful finishes happen every ten minutes so nobody misses out.

W9vjnJWs9v9-4RDDcg3876lGkm8fiTpvqTmDUmLEpjk (400x300)

I was a colorful mess for the drive home!

pZArPOhFbI4Ij9IB8mjTWQS_mJMRleEpC7hd7ugSIww (400x300) IMG_4506 (300x400)

As for the race? I give it an A+. If you are looking for a light-hearted race to run or walk and you dont mind sweating rainbows then I highly recommend giving The Color Run a try. We are already looking for our next one!



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Have you ever done a color run? Link us to your race recap!