A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful mother’s day with their moms, daughters, Nanas, pals, or other special girls in your life! The hubs and I took a very rainy road trip to WV to catch up with my family for the holiday. Very rainy. I swear I thought we were never going to get there. I will have to give props for giving me control of the radio though. Ahem.

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It was so good to spend time with my parents, hang out for a bit at the very rainy farm, and celebrate mother’s day with my mom.

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We even had a celebratory fruity booze drink at lunch. Then we ditched the boys and got in some much needed retail therapy. I always find the best deals when I go home. I think its some sort of wonder-twins shopping ninja mojo that mom and I get going. I was so pumped to be treated to a new sundress and I picked up some other goodies too.  Mom also managed to put her shopping ninja skills to good work as you can see.

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We also made it to the movies. Anyone else see Gatsby this weekend? I really enjoyed it!

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I was definitely bummed to leave on Sunday. The hubs and I had planned to fulfill my week 2 challenge of hiking the cascades. Unfortunagtely, it was still a rainy mess Sunday morning so we postponed the challenge until next month. But dont worry…Im going for it! And speaking of challenges, can you believe this comfy bed loving, creature comfort needing, self proclaimed princess is going camping this weekend? I am partially excited and partially horrified. Either way, Im sure the recap will be a fun one! 😉


Last but not least my training started this week for the Ramblin Rose Tri and Disneyland 10K. There is just something about being on a schedule that really keeps all parts of your healthy habits in check. Take today’s food for example. I drank a “green” breakfast smoothie, picked up food from my favorite local spot for lunch (they use whole foods and make everything fresh), and whipped up a homemade dinner at home. There was no question as to whether or not I would veer off track. The only option is to do it!

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And as for the workouts- I am keeping this week simple with alternating run and rest days to ease myself back into the routine. Tomorrow is my next run. Im actually really looking forward to it which I know I dont say that often. 😉 Im working on an overall training schedule for the next few weeks and will have that up soon.

Last but not least, I got a little bit of happy in the mail today!!

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Off to get in a couple laughs before bed. Ive got a LONG day ahead tomorrow!!