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Before I kick off the blog today I need to wish a very Happy Birthday to my very best pal. 😉 We don’t have anything over the topped planned for the hub’s Birthday today but I do have a couple of little surprises in store!


I have had SO much going on I feel like this blog is a little all over the place.  Bear with me!


I have been asked a lot recently when I plan to return to posting my weekly weigh-ins. Truthfully, Id taken a little break from that for awhile. After a little melt down during Princess Half Weekend. I realized I might have been putting a bit to much pressure on myself. With that said, I tend to slack off without that weekly accountability soooooo Weekly Weigh In Posts will return in May. Im pumped! Ill be weighing in each week at Weight Watchers (business as usual) to ensure accuracy. The extra support there doesn’t hurt either!

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Namaste! I have been bending it like Bikram all week. Teehee. Earlier in the week I had declared myself on a yoga “mini-challenge” of 5 classes this week. Im happy to say that Saturday (or today if I can make it over) will be class number 5! Thats 450 minutes of hot steamy yoga. The truth is I feel better with a regular practice and while 5 days week isnt usually realistic for me, it was a great way to loosen back up for my Spring training.  I will happily continue to practice 2-3 times a week. It really does change your body and your mood. I cant say enough good things about it.

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In other yoga news- I am finding it very interesting how your body suddenly “likes” or “hates” certain postures you’ve been doing for ages. At posture 25 of 26 my body has always felt pretty weak and tired during the “separate head to knee with stretching” posture. This week, however, Ive been LOVING it. The stretch feels SO. GOOD. Ive been looking forward to it all class lately. It’s really true when they say that you come in with a different body each day. What is your favorite Bikram posture?


Sincerely Nuts

A couple weeks ago I received a package from the awesome folks at Sincerely Nuts *. If you’ve never visited them Sincerely Nuts is a website for ordering fresh nuts, seeds, dried fruit etc. There is also some delicious looking candy too….not that I was stalking candy or anything. ;)I had a lot of fun this morning  just pursuing their website for goodies. I think I see some sesame sticks in my future *drool*.  Anyway, I was really excited to receive an amazingly hefty bag of pistachios to review (They are not kidding around with their product sizes so you are truly getting your money’s worth. Score!).

IMG_3761 (300x400)

I will confess I had never eaten pistachios on their own before. I had always found they were best in a trail mix or recipe. So, naturally, I had expected to feel the same way about these. I had visions of tossing them on a fresh summer salad (still planning on doing that) or making my own trail mix (still doing that as well) BUT what I didnt expect is that they would becomes my go-to post yoga snack.  Ahem. Yes. I was almost embarrassed to do this review because I’ve literally been coming home from class, popping open a coconut water and downing a handful of these guys. I had all these grand plans for pistachio recipes but have just been eating them straight out of the bag instead.

IMG_3762 (300x400)

I would, without hesitation, recommend ordering from Sincerely Nuts. Fresh products, attention to quality, and most importantly delicious. Im sold! Ill certainly be ordering from them in the future. And as for my pistachios- keep an eye on the blog for my trail mix and organic pistachio baklava. Mmmmm. (I swear Ill use some of them for recipes!)

Farm Food and Intuitive Eating

This has been such a learning week for me. After going on a tear through our kitchen and replacing items with their organic counterparts, tossing processed foods, and stocking up the fridge with local organic farm meat and poultry my perspective on food has started to shift. The idea of having whatever you want as long as its made from whole ingredients and in your kitchen is so freeing. I had a burger with real cheese for the first time in ages. The food tastes so much better and I feel so much more satisfied. I also feel like it is a kinder and gentler way to treat my body and mind. No more beating myself up for wanting a snack. If Im hungry I eat- if not I dont. I make sure I am getting in enough juice, fruit and veggies. The rest sort of takes care of itself.  Of the few pounds that had creeped back on during my weigh-in hiatus I lost 6 of them this week.  And dont even get me started on how delicious the food is. I just feel good, healthy, and content. I havent felt that way for a long time.

IMG_3749 (400x300) IMG_3750 (300x400)IMG_3752 (300x400) IMG_3753 (300x400) IMG_3754 (300x400) IMG_3756 (400x300)

It just looks and tastes like real food. That might sound silly- but I couldnt be more pleased with our choice. In fact, I am heading out later today to pick up our farm order for the week! YAY!

Kayak Shopping

Today is the day y’all! We find out whether or not a certain company will or will not agree to mold a pink kayak for me. I know the request was a bit of a long-shot butI was just excited they considered it AND Ill be over the moon if they agree to it! If not, the hubs and I are going to pick up a (non-pink) but still amazing kayak from a local boat company.  I am so ready to hit the river for some awesome workouts and good times.

Whew! I think that’s it for this morning. Thanks for hanging in there and Happy Friday!


*Sincerely Nuts sent free product for me to review but the opinions expressed were my own.



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