Winner Winner Chicken (Pizza) Dinner

Before I get rolling on tonight’s post I want to say Happy Birthday to my pal Kristen! She’s on the blog a lot so I thought a Birthday shout-out was in order.

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Today was my first official work-day trying out this more intuitive eating. I think sometimes we get in a workplace rut and eat out of boredom, convenience, and for social purposes. I made it a point today to chat with my office mate and supervisor and a couple others about my new whole approach to eating. Now, I definitely dont want to turn into one of those annoying nuts that needs 25 adjectives to describe my sandwich but I certainly wanted to share what my new “diet” was all about.  I mentioned that I’ve literally tried everything else I know to try. Perhaps feeding my body the nutrients and whole foods it was designed to use- will finally be the “plan” I can stick with.

It turns out it really was not a difficult task to prep for my day. My lunch/snack packing did not take any longer than it normally does. I was a little skeptical at first that the amount of food I was taking would satisfy me all day but I was pleasantly surprised. My other surprise of the day? I was SHOCKED at how filling my juice breakfast was. There were plenty of greens in the mix and despite the pond water look- the taste was actually quite fruity.

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I dont know that this will be my “go to” breakfast but it certainly will become part of the rotation. I packed an edamame hummus and wheat crisps snack along with plenty of fruit options to pick from during the day. I think I might have a slight addiction to these “Little Cuties”. They are kind of my jam!

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And as far as lunch goes- I had some of last night’s delicious left- overs. The hubs even texted to say how great his left-overs were. I was really looking forward to getting home and getting in the kitchen to get tonight’s culinary adventure. As I mentioned earlier this week I went on quite a tear through Trader Joes Saturday. Tonight, I busted out the whole wheat pizza dough for some at home pizza goodness.

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Did you know the hubs used to work in a bakery? I put his old school baking skills to use with this dough. He almost got it in a perfect circle!

IMG_3728 (300x400)

IMG_3729 (400x300)

As far as toppings go- we wanted spicy. So, we started with an organic BBQ sauce base.

IMG_3731 (400x300)

Then we topped it with organic chicken Id browned in a skillet and….


IMG_3726 (300x400)

fresh jalapenos

IMG_3725 (400x300)

and a cheddar/pepper-jack cheese combo.  (We buy it fresh by the block and grate it at home.)

IMG_3727 (300x400)

After maybe 10 minutes of prep this pizza was all dressed up and ready for a party in the oven.

IMG_3732 (400x300)

It came out crispy, warm, and bubbly. Mmmmm!

IMG_3733 (400x300) IMG_3734 (400x300) (2)


Totally hit the spot!  I paired mine with some random chopped fruit from the fridge. Ive really been craving fruit this week.

IMG_3735 (400x300) IMG_3736 (400x300)

This was definitely a winner in our house tonight.  I am looking forward to many at home pizza nights to come!

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What is on YOUR ideal pizza?





  1. Jessica C. says:

    Yum! That pizza looks amazing! BBQ chicken is one of my favorites, however I lovve Canadian Bacon and Pineapple. I will definitely have to pick up that bread dough from Trader Joes-love that place!!!!!

  2. Emily says:

    Yum!! Lunch at work can be so difficult for so many reasons. I’ll get into a groove where I’m bringing my lunch and then I’ll fall out of it and go back to grabbing whatever is around and sounds good. That pizza looks delicious!! Hm, my ideal toppings? As weird as it sounds – I love black olives and pineapple (yes, together! 🙂 ).

    • runninginpinkproject says:

      I dont think Ive heard that one before. 😉 But I do love pineapple on a pizza and the sweet/salty combo is a good one!

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