Some Like it Hot- Sunday Edition

Is the weekend really just one “Game of Thrones” episode away from being over? BOO!!! You know it’s been a good one when you end it craving just a few hours more! The hubs and I got a late start this morning. We had been out in Charlottesville, Va Saturday night celebrating the Birthday of one of my best girls. Happy Birthday Tiffany!!!

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This morning I REALLY took advantage of having no plans to speak of. Our first stop was a local bagel joint to pick up a fresh whole wheat everything bagel. Fun fact- this was literally my first EVER bagel with cream cheese. I only recently got over my dislike of cream cheese as a “spread”. I have to say- I was missing out! 😉

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It was a tad chilly here this morning so I spent a huge chunk of it wrapped up in a warm blanket, sipping coffee, and spending some serious cuddle time with my two best girls!

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I also *might* have been catching up on Vampire Diaries. Any other Vampire Diaries fans out there? While I am LOVING Elena’s new hair I am hating her character as a “bad girl”. Agh! And can I just say how much I love the idea that she and “Damon” are a real life couple? If those two decide to make babies- they *might* be too beautiful to even look directly at just- just saying. I also spent a little time wondering if I could pull this “do” off. (Told you I was really milking my morning off!).

elena new hair

I also used my morning to do a little work (BOO) and catch up on some blogs. It was almost lunch-time when I came out of my cocoon. And speaking of lunch- can I say just how great it feels to ask the question: What would I like for lunch? What am I hungry for? As I mentioned earlier in the week- I am making a movement toward eating for health. This means eliminating lots of processed or “washed out” versions of food. By that I mean avoiding foods that take out something natural and put in something chemical such as “fat free sour cream” or “light butter”. My focus will be on eating for health versus trying to keep the calorie count as low as possible. It is SUPER liberating to not live in constant fear of what you are eating.  Obviously, I am only a few days into this movement but I really hope my health, scale, and overall well-being reflect the positives of this new change. For today’s lunch I decided on some fresh deli ham, wheat crisps, and some edamame hummus from last night’s Trader Joe’s run. I also tossed in a V-8 Fusion ( we still have a few left).

IMG_3704 (300x400) IMG_3705 (300x400)

After lunch I planned out a detailed menu for the week in order to make sure Im getting everything I need and staying within reasonable calorie guidelines for weight loss. And before I knew it, it was time for yoga. I grabbed my gear and headed to my Bikram Yoga class. You can learn more about my LOVE for Bikram Yoga HERE.

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I knew class was going to be brutal since its been quite some time since Id been. But now that the piper is paid for my laziness I am super excited to go back tomorrow. In fact, I am kicking off my spring fitness training schedule with 5 straight days of Bikram Yoga to get loosened up and ready to run! After class I downed a giant coconut water, made our weekly grocery run, and snacked on some “little cuties”.

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Tonight I was REALLY excited to bust out some of the goodies we brought home from the farm and some of the organic ingredients Id been picking up all week. Truth be told- I had no REAL plan for dinner when I hit the kitchen tonight. I started out by tossing an onion, some mushrooms, a pepper, and some celery into some olive oil.

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Next, I added in my beef from the farm along with some salt, pepper, and a clove of garlic.

IMG_3713 (300x400)

Once the meat had browned I drained off the fat and tossed in a mish mosh of spices, 1/2 bag of whole grain “egg style” noodles, 1 cup skim milk, and 1 1/2 cups of veggie broth. I let the mixture come up to a boil until the noodles had taken all of the liquid from the pan.

IMG_3714 (300x400)

I used a container of plain greek yogurt to create a creamy sauce in the pan. It was a healthy “stroganoff” if you will! I didnt really keep track of the spices I was using since I wasnt sure this dish would ever be made again. However, it turns out it was creamy, light, and fabulous. The hubs literally made the comment “This is the best meal you’ve ever made for me”. Ahem. Needless to say Ill figure out that spice mixture and post a legit recipe soon.

IMG_3716 (400x300) IMG_3717 (400x300)

I am pretty pumped for tomorrow’s left overs! Less pumped for my “juice breakfast” but I am giving it good try.  Off to soak up a few more precious weekend minutes!

Have you ever had an unexpected success in the kitchen?



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