Go Home GPS…You’re Drunk

I am a mess this week. I havent been working out like I should OR eating like I should. This makes me cranky. Its my own fault and I know this. I dont have any great epiphanies or motivational quips about it. All I can really say is that tomorrow is an opportunity to move onward and upward. But, as for today…..well, lets just say today bested me.

Things started off on the right note. I knew I had a LONG day on the road for work so I packed a bag of snacks for travel along with a health breakfast (Ezekiel whole grain English muffin and organic peanut butter- not pictured).

IMG_3106 (300x400) IMG_3107 (400x300) IMG_3108 (300x400)

I left in a pretty good mood for 6:00am. Although sadly, this self portrait shows that all of the good makeup tricks on the planet cant conceal the horror of being at the office that early.

IMG_3109 (300x400)


I travel occasionally for my job which can mean getting to the office super early. It’s really not a big deal and I tend to visit the same areas over and over so the drive up and back is usually a mindless act. However, today I was off to a new location approximately 3 hours away and would be needed the help of my GPS…I mean thats her job right?

I saw a LOT of Virginia today….a lot.

IMG_3112 (400x300) IMG_3111 (400x353) IMG_3110 (393x400)


It was somewhere along this sunshine filled road that I realized my GPS had been frozen for God only knows how long. I had no idea where I was. Good times. After a quick stop at the words sketchiest Exxon my GPS was reset and we were on our way. Everything was all sparkles and rainbows until my exit when GPS was randomly about a quarter mile off her game. I ended up ridiculously lost for the second time but somehow miraculously still made it in early to my meeting. Score!

Luckily work was smooth sailing and it was back to the car after a busy afternoon. By this point, I needed food….real food. So I popped the address for a sushi joint in the GPS….the GPS who got me lost for a 3rd time after allegedly “losing signal”. BOO!  But finally, I made it to a local spot that had some good Yelp reviews (LOVE Yelp)- Mr Noodles and Rice.

IMG_3121 (300x400)

I kind of find it endearing when a place just sort of puts it all out there…. “Noodles and Rice” thats what we serve and thats what we are called. 😉 It was in a really random shopping center so I was worried I might have made a mistake. However, when I went inside the place was full of 20-30 something professionals grabbing late lunches including a girl who was rocking these shoes on a random Wednesday.

IMG_3115 (300x400)

The photo really doesnt do them justice. They were kind of awesome. And we can just ignore the creeper quality of me taking a photo of some random girl’s shoes on the sly ok?  But back to Mr Noodles and Rice… The staff was really nice and the service was quick. I had my lunch in under 15 minutes.

IMG_3116 (400x300)

The sushi was great but I had ordered too heavy rolls which I really couldnt finish. I should have gone with something light.  Overall, I would no problems going back and giving Mr Rice and Noodle another try!

My last stop before heading home was a nearby Target for a bottle of water and a CD to listen to on the way home. I was having tons of trouble getting a radio station to stick with me for more than 20 miles. I also had made a mental note that If I heard that “Thrift Shop” song one more stinking time I was going to rip my own ears off. Soooo I picked up this instead.

IMG_3124 (400x400)

I rocked out to JT for the entire 3+ hours home. And about the +, well GPS decided, once again, to freeze. After double backing and driving through a town straight out of The Walking Dead I finally found a road sign for Lynchburg and happily turned off my useless GPS.  I felt more stupid than anything else. I mean we did manage to get places before GPS right? Ahem.

Not a bad day, but I was definitely tired when I made it home. Im not sure why but driving really takes it out of me!  I decided to end my day and tonight’s blog on a happy note with things that made me smile tonight….

My first pair of TOMS arrived!

IMG_3087 (300x400) IMG_3093 (400x400)


Im loving the living room curtains we put up over the weekend…

IMG_3071 (400x400)


And my pups were extra adorable this evening….

IMG_3091 (400x400) IMG_3100 (400x400)

Im off to bed kids. Its been a LONG day.

Have you ever had a GPS malfunction?  Can anyone recommend a good GPS?? 😉

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