Im pretty much boring myself with my workouts lately so I’m sure I’m boring you too! I promise the monotony of the Run-Yoga-Repeat cycle will soon be coming to an end. The truth is I’ve had to stay pretty rigid during my Princesss ½ Marathon training. If I let myself get off schedule, even a little, madness ensues. You’d be likely to find me covered in multiple fuzzy blankets watching some eye-candy on the TIVO.  

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This is something I understand about myself. But, more importantly, it is something I am trying to overcome. Denial is a dirty word when it comes to change.  And until Im in the habit of making good choices in regard to my workouts- then a schedule it shall be.  So this week’s workouts? Yup, you guessed it- Running and Yoga.

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Once the Princess half is complete I really want to add in some other elements to the run/yoga sweat sessions such as weights, body sculpting and maybe even cycling and swimming once the weather warms up. Running and Yoga will always be the base but only having two flavors does take its toll after a while. But, for the next two weeks its Princess ½ Marathon on the brain. That blinged out Princess Medal shall be mine!!!!


Who will I be seeing at Princess ½ Weekend? Are you feeling ready for the race?


  1. Emily says:

    Me! Me! I’ll be there!! (In case you haven’t seen – they should be announcing the meet up details tomorrow.) I am soooo with you on the burn out of running. I think part of it has to do with the weather – not that it is bad necessarily but it is so gray and cloudy and the last thing I seem to want to do is run. But Princess is almost here and then it will be worth it! Or so I keep telling myself. 🙂

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