Who else was totally stunned at how fast the Disneyland races sold out today? Just me? Ok. ;) Sometimes I think fate nudges us in the right direction and a quick sell out nudged me towards running for a charity for the very first time. I’ve chosen the charity that Id like to run the 10K on behalf of and,  if everything works out like Im hoping it will, I will be a busy little fund raising bee in no time! And if it doesnt work out, well that is ok too! Im so inspired for tomorrows training run and I wanted to share something to hopefully inspire you too!!


Have you ever run for a charity? How did you like it?

2 thoughts on “Inspired

    • I am talking with A-T Childrens Project right now. I really like them and am planning to register Friday just as long as their charity spots arent gone by then. :) Ive never been to CA so youll have to let me know what “tourist attractions” are close enough to Disneyland for my husband and I to venture out and see. I have zero concept of where things are in CA.

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