Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal and My January Confession

Maybe it’s weird but I like to wake up nice and early on the weekends to soak up every ounce of time off that I possibly can. Lame? Maybe. But I just dont want to sleep my free time away. I might miss something cool. 😉 In any case it was C O L D when my feet hit the floor this morning so I decided a nice hot bowl of oatmeal was in order.

After buying some cherry infused craisins from the store on a crazy sale earlier in the week my mind had been spinning on ways to use them. One of the first thoughts that came to mind was combining them with something chocolate (or chocolate like). That is when my sweet oatmeal treat started to take shape. This morning I put it to the test by combining my regular high fiber oats with my craisins and a tablespoon of Justin’s Hazelnut Butter.

IMG_1772 (300x400) IMG_1773 (400x300)

The finished product was a bowl of hearty sweet goodness. It clocked in at 8 WW points which made it a smart indulgence. There was also tons of protein and fiber to kick the nutritional stats up a bit. And did I mention that it was delicious??

IMG_1774 (400x300)

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After breakfast I headed out for my run. It was the 3rd day (or end of the 1st week) of Ease Into 5K. Thanks to some yoga and a rest day my legs were feeling MUCH stronger than on my last run. I kept a solid pace and even managed to enjoy myself….. Ok the enjoyment was minimal BUT it was there…I swear. Also, thanks to a very abandoned downtown I was able to get off the trails and just run around the city. It was a nice change of pace and the hills really gave the workout an added challenge.

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The hubs and I had some errands to run (So much for a lazy Saturday) so I dashed home to shower and get ready. I wore my impulse buy Kenneth Cole glasses. I feel a little like an idiot in these but I also love them so Im really quite torn. 🙂

IMG_1782 (300x400)

Said errands took longer than expected so I was S T A R V I N G by the time we actually made our way to lunch. Since I knew we were having the hubs health-i-fied tacos for dinner I knew exactly what I had to “spend” points/calories wise on lunch. Pre-planning my meals and points has been a major plus this week! Anyway, I decided on 1/2 of a spinach salad and 1/2 of my favorite Panera sandwich -the bacon turkey bravo.

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The spinach salad totally rocked my socks. Anything with an onion dressing is going to be just fine with me. The hubs and I rounded out the day with a grocery run and a couple episodes of Games of Thrones. Not the most exciting Saturday eh? But never fear…I do have some exciting news or rather a confession of sorts……….


Im seeing Justin Beiber in a few weeks!!! Call me lame, call me crazy, but I just cant stop smiling when his catchy little songs come on the radio. My husband is giving me crap on the regular about going to a Biebs show but I think its going to be a blast (not to mention an awesome girly road trip)!! Back in the fall, on a total impulse, Siobhan and I bought Justin Beiber tickets online. We had kind of forgotten all about it until we started getting email reminders that the show was coming up. I think some Bieber Fever will be a great way to end my Birthday week. 😉

What is the last concert you saw? What is your favorite Panera meal?


  1. Emily says:

    I love, love, love Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter!! AND bacon turkey bravo is my fave sandwich from Panera! I usually pair it with with the BBQ chicken salad. Enjoy Justin Beiber!! I’ll bet his concert is awesome!

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