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Oh it’s definitely hot. 😉  I dont know what makes me take breaks from yoga other than less than stellar mental discipline. And yes I know I’ve said this before. Bikram classes can be a beast because the longer you are away- the more you fear the return. You know deep down there is nothing to truly be afraid of. But, you also know deep down that taking a few weeks off means re-acclimating to the somewhat harsh conditions, playing catch-up, and ultimately being agitated at yourself for taking time away. It has to be done. All Bikram yogis will ultimately return to suck it up for 90 minutes and take the 105 degree hot room like a champ.

Tonight was my return to class. It was a MUCH needed break from running and I was ready to settle up and get back to it!  I paid my penance for being away, cursed myself repeatedly during “half-moon” pose when it felt like my back was going to snap, and got back into the Bikram groove. By the end of class I was a literal hot mess and wondering, once again, why I ever went astray.

When you love it, you really love it….And, well, I love it. Here’s to growing, learning, and practicing my way to the strong yogi I want to be!

Have you ever taken a Bikram class? How did it compare to your other yoga classes?

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  1. Emily says:

    Ha!! This is so true – the first class back is always so horrible, but you know you’ll go back and so you suck it up and then you wonder why you ever left. Although it has been so long since I’ve done a 90 minute class (where I practice they changed them to 65 minutes), I really don’t know if I would survive a 90 minute class!

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