Cold Run Highlights- A Review of the Under Armour Spine RPM Running Shoe

It is  C O L D here in Virginia today. That was especially true early this morning when the hubs and I decided to head to the trail for a workout. I had a blog post in mind for today and knew I really needed the space/time to open up and really run in order to do it. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’ve been looking forward to doing this post for a couple of weeks now. Recently I was contacted by Under Armour about reviewing a pair of their workout shoes. Specifically, the Under Armour Spine RPM Running Shoe.




Now, I am a big fan of Under Armour products. My absolute most favorite ever in the history of time yoga shirt is a teal Under Armour tee that I bought for running. It’s been worn and washed approximately one million times and is still going strong. 😉 However, for whatever reason, I had never really looked to Under Armour for running shoes.  Not only do they carry workout/running shoes but they have quite the variety to meet many specific needs. I was really excited to try the Spine RPM Running Shoe because the description was right on target for what I need in a running shoe.



The Spine RPM Running Shoe combines the features of a stability shoe with the lightness of a running shoe. This is PERFECT for someone like me as, not being at my ideal weight, a minimalist shoe does not provide enough stability or cushion to meet my needs. On the flip side, normally shoes that provide cushion and stability can be a bit heavier than I would ideally like a running shoe to be. Now, that problem is solved. I could not wait to take these out for a spin!


For the first week and a half I had the shoes I took them to the gym for a couple light to moderate workouts. They were easy to break in and I loved the color. (Just a note that they do come in other color combos but the pink is my favorite by leaps and bounds!!!) Also, I requested these a 1/2 size larger than my regular shoes as I do with all running shoes. They fit perfectly. Anyway, for me the real test would be taking them out on a real “legit” run. Today, that is exactly what I did.

The hubs and I bundled up and hit the trail to get in a few miles.  Since he was cycling I knew I would have to keep a pretty solid pace. But, I was ready. 😉




During our 1/2 mile warm up we chatted about how empty the trail was. Even on a cold day its strange to see it so quiet. To be honest I was secretly pleased as I sometimes feel a little frustrated on the trail. It was  really nice to have it to ourselves.


Then, I got down to business with the run. I started first on 2:1 and then 1:1 intervals- really trying my best to maintain a solid pace during the running portions. A couple of miles in the shoes were doing their job and my feet were feeling great. My hubs rode ahead to encourage me to run harder, and I did!



Occasionally I have trouble with my form  but the shoes really helped as I wasn’t bearing the total force of the impact on my joints. While, obviously everyone’s needs are different I am in LOVE with these shoes and told the hubs I would wholeheartedly feel comfortable buying another pair.


I ended the run feeling really great and will definitely be using these as my primary shoes while I train for my next long race. It’s always such an amazing feeling to end a run on a high note!






With all of the new workout plans being developed and gear being purchased for fitness in the new year I definitely think for those looking for a light yet stable shoe the Under Armour Spine RPM Running Shoe is the way to go!!

Are you training for any races? Have you ever tried an Under Armour running shoe?



**Under Armour provided me with a pair of Spine RPM Running Shoes to review but all opinions expressed here are my own.

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