Race Recap: Run For Your Lives 5K (aka The Zombie Run)

The hubs, who has run a Princess race in the past asked if he could sign us up for a “Zombie Run” several months ago. I really had no clue what this entitled but he was so enthusiastic and excited that I agreed to run alongside him. Besides, zombies are pretty in right now right?!? Ahem. Anyway, A few weeks later I started scanning my favorite blogs thinking maybe I would read a fellow girl blogger’s opinion of the race. Not so shockingly this race was nowhere to be found. Suddenly I was both really interested and really nervous about what was in store for me. However, on our first full day of vacation I dressed myself in pink and set out to run the Run For Your Lives (Zombie 5K).


I had my regular pre-race breakfast of peanut butter toast before piling in the car and driving out to the middle of nowhere.


The hubs joking asked where I thought they would do a Zombie run. I guess the middle of nowhere makes sense. In all honesty- this was a really cool park for cycling, four-wheelers, and other similar motor sports.

We made our way to the check-in, packet pick-up and gear check. We had both brought a change of clothes and shoes per the race instructions. We were running an early wave of the race (they start every 30 minutes all day long) but the venue was already bumping.

In some ways it looked like any other race venue. There were runners milling around, merchandise stands, and water stations.

Then, of course, there were the Zombies. Yes, yes. Not only were zombies going to be all along the course but they were meandering around the venue too. I have to admit it was both hilarious and creepy.

The hubs and I got settled to do some stretching. We also attached our “health flags” to our belts. The object of the race is to make it through the race while maintaining one or more of your flags that the zombies are chasing you to steal. If you keep one flag safe then you “survive”. If not, you are considered “infected” and essentially Zombie lunch!

A passer-by who had run the race before said if this was our first obstacle race there was “no way” we’d get through with a flag in-tact. I said, I just wanted to get though with my body in-tact. I am not really in the best shape (literally) right now to be doing obstacles.


Finally, it was our turn to line up. We picked the dessert corral since we knew we were too slow to be an appetizer or entre. Teehee!


Through a puff of smoke we were off!


The first Zombie I ran into was a, wait for it…Alice in Wonderland zombie. I begged Bryan to snap a photo of her. He tried but she came after him pretty fast and furious. Heh. At this point I knew  we might be in trouble.

There are set up “zombie zones” where you can be chased by Zombies. These are usually followed by safe zones to catch your breath. I don’t want to ruin the surprises for any future racers but there are LOTS of Zombie zones….Lots! The hubs was bobbing and weaving through zombies like a crazy jungle animal and I was giggling a lot. I think I was nervous.


Not only did we contend with Zombies but there are obstacles too. Again- lots of them. Also again, I don’t want to ruin any fun surprises but there were a bunch of your expected obstacles along the way too. It was pretty great watching the hubs scale walls like a champ. I, however, needed a boost. Ahem.


I was also a little leery of losing my shoes in the mud and water obstacles. Of course, having a zombie yell “You’ve got this girl” made me work a little harder. Plus I didn’t want to wimp out on my first obstacle run.


I won’t sugar coat it, the race was hard. It felt WAY longer than 5k and I really think the hills, sand, and obstacles just had me worn out. I was really struggling at the end. Im talking ugly panting- red in the face- ready to throw up struggling. Luckily, I got to run up ridiculously high sand dunes at that point so my focus went from exhaustion to not falling on my ass. Thankfully, the hub was willing to lend a hand.


He even went back to help another girl who was struggling up the dunes. Sweet right? The great thing about the race was by this point all of the runners were giggling, dodging zombies and strategizing together. We were sending the faster runners as bait so the rest of us could have a fighting chance.


I became Zombie brunch in the last ½ mile when I lost my last flag but the hubs managed to survive!!! Either way, I had never been so happy to see a finish line and have a medal placed around my neck.

The hubs was pretty stoked to be finished too!

I have also never been so filthy Im pretty sure. I was covered in water, mud, hay, sand, branches and a touch of my own blood. I kind of felt tough for hot second but then I crashed back to reality when I asked for coconut water and a date night to see the new Twilight movie. Ahem.

Even though zombies aren’t my thing per se I still had a great time. My only regret is not being in good enough shape to rock the obstacles .I needed a lot of help.  My new goal is to improve my overall fitness/weight and then sign up for the Pretty Muddy series with some pals. But until then…… this well-earned little gem will be added to my modest collection!


What is the strangest 5K you have ever run?


  1. FruitFly says:

    That was so fun to read!! I’ve been thinking of doing a Zombie Run but didn’t know much about it. Now I might have to give it a go! My craziest 5K has to be Warrior Dash, without a doubt. It was such a blast. Jumping over fire and rolling in mud made my day!

  2. Emily says:

    Awesome!! Great job!! And how cool the first zombie was an Alice one!! I’m very intrigued by the Pretty Muddy series but I’m very uncoordinated and I’m afraid I might hurt myself on the obstacles. Thanks for sharing!

    • runninginpinkproject says:

      I was worried about that too but it wasnt so bad. If I had been trying to fly through it that would probably be a different story. 🙂

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