A Running Win and A Running Fail

Suddenly we have a legit fall season upon us. It is C O L D here y’all. But, thats ok as I have a massive fuzzy blanket and two very warm pups keeping me warm as I write this. Thankfully the election is over and life, along with television adds can get back to normal. Three cheers for never having to hear “Im Barack Obama/Mitt Romey and I approved this message” ever again! Anywho, before I get into the running part of today’s blog can I just mention that I have a new love in my life??

Chipolte! It turns out we are smidge behind here and got our very first Chipolte about two months ago. I immediately decided it was gross. I went on and on and on about not getting the appeal until someone pointed out I was probably tossing too much random stuff in my burrito bowl. Cut to this week when I ordered brown rice/black beans/meat/grilled veggies and corn salsa. I also asked for just a touch of cheese. The lack of cheese and removal of sour cream not only eliminated a ton of empty calories but it make the dish so much better!

In terms of WW points a bowl has pretty decent stats sans cheese and sour cream and man is it filling!!

After work it was back to the trail for a repeat of Monday’s run. However, it wasnt a repeat at all. Sure my 3 intervals were the same but I was focused, my body cooperated, and the run went great. I made it further than Monday on the same plan and I was feeling pretty proud. I was also feeling excited to check my stats on the app and compare them to Monday. I just KNEW I had massive improvement there.

Unfortunately, after running into the tunnel my GPS lost signal and the app flipped out. ALL of my stats from this run were lost. No running pace recorded, no overall pace, no total miles, NOTHING! I had a tiny temper tantrum but am ready to get back out there Saturday morning and kill it!

On a totally unrelated note- I came home to a sweet surprise. The hubs ordered a little handmade Alice gift for me.

It’s not proudly displayed in the living room. He’e kind of the sweetest right?? 😉

Just for Fun- Who is your favorite Disney Character?

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  1. FruitFly says:

    Favorite Disney character — it’s kind of a tie … Cheshire Cat and Archimedes from Sword in the Stone.

    Alice in Wonderland was my “magical memory” on my 100 Years of Magic name tag in Walt Disney World!! Sadly I lost it when it fell off in the parking lot and found a new home in the bottom of a big drain thing. 🙁

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