That Awkward Moment On The Trail When….

Ahhh yes, so today Im going to talk a little about that awkward moment on the trail when you accidentally scream in someone’s face. Ahem. But before we get to that unfortunate event Ill give you a little back story.

I am pretty sure Siri, my little I-phone assistant is out to get me. Again, she told me it was going to rain and again I went to the trail anyway. I think she’s secretly trying to get me to eat chicken nuggets and fail at life in general but I cant prove it.

Evil siri (source)

So, I head out on the trail (the cool weather is spoiling me) for a 3 mile run/jog. Around a quarter mile in I always have a choice to make…Nice flat paved trail or hilly, muddy, rocky trail?


Today hilly and muddy won out!


Even though Im not a huge nature dweller (shocking I know) there is just something I love so much about the off road trails in town. I love that I barely see a soul and can run as hard as I want without feeling self conscious. I love that I can avoid the uncomfortable I-Pod “hellos” or as I like to call them the “nod to acknowledge and smile if you have to greetings”. But what I love most of all is running by the creek. I cant wait until fall so I can have a better view!


So, there I am minding my own business and just running along at a slow but steady pace. I had not seen another human for over a mile. I was blasting Britney a bit loud in the I-Pod and basically was in my own little world. I see what appears to be an animal out of the corner of my eye that looks like it’s running at me so naturally I proceed to scream (horror movie–  getting murdered in the basement scream) at the top of my lungs. What I thought was a large animal of some kind turned out to be a random guy running in tan shorts and no shirt. *Mortified*


He was sort of below me on the trail but stops to see if I am ok. Instead of thinking on my feet and saying I saw a snake (which happens regularly on those trails) I, instead, blurt out “I was in my own little world and when I glanced up I thought I saw an animal running toward me. Sorry!” Of course he puts together that he is the agitated animal. Luckily he found this funny and not offensive. Also luckily he didnt ask what kind of animal because Im sure “A huge honey badger” or “one of those wicked fast vampires from Twilight” would have popped out of my mouth. I actually picked up the pace a bit after my scare and finished strong…embarrassed but strong.


Definitely looking forward to yoga tomorrow to work this soreness out of my back and legs. Hopefully I wont scream in anyone’s face there.

Have you ever had an embarassing moment while out on a run?




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