Friends “4 Eva”

I am not sure when it happened exactly but between traveling, work, and general craziness some things in my life have kind of gotten pushed to the side. Regular weigh-ins are at the top of that list. Sure, Ive been popping on my scale at home (maintaining like a champ btw) but look for Weight Watchers weigh-ins and losses to resume in the next week or so!

The next thing that has kid of gotten brushed to the side is quality time with my pal Siobhan. In between my stuff (see above) and trying to respect her space as a newlywed (ahem) our once inseparable selves were living two VERY sperate lives. Not to fret, its more than easy to get back on track with good friends. I was super excited to have a full Saturday of girly bonding time! First up–  Siobhan hosted a jewelry party over the weekend.


I have a love/hate relationship with these types of parties. On the love side, well its shiny and its shopping–  two things I dig. On the not so great side it can sometimes be weird to sit in a room of strangers listening to a presentation while balancing a plate of snacks on your lap. Luckily, this was a really casual no pressure party and all of the girls invited were really nice and friendly. Plus, did I mention all the sparkle?


I doused myself in jewelry (just bummed there were no tiaras), snacked, and even won a door prize. I probably also get the prize for most annoying as I kept asking to put on the jewelry from Siobhan’s displays!


 I managed to make it out for under 50.00 and I have a really cool fall piece for fall coming my way. Im calling that a win! After the party we piled in Sioban’s SUV and headed out for the day. Can I say how jealous I am of the XM radio in her car? Hellloooo a whole channel of my favorite 90’s jams?? Come on!


Our first stop was (oddly enough) to shop for used DVDs. If you know me, you understand that I somehow work the movie “Fear” with Marky Mark and Reece Witherspoon into conversation whenever possible. I dont know why. Maybe on some subconscious level Im testing people to see if we can be friends. Who knows? Anywho–  as you also probably know I dont actually own the movie. I harass Target and Best Buy pretty regularly about it but weirdly (or not so weirdly) they dont ever have it in stock. Cut to Satruday where we found 2 (yes the only 2) copies in town. Now Siobhan and I own them….proudly own them I might add!


We also bought used copies of “The Roommate” with Leighton Meister. We quote this movie sometimes and crack ourselves up so it seemed only right to rescue to the two used copies and bring them home.


After our random DVD shopping spree we headed over for a (real) movie. The Bourne Legacy= Awesome. No Matt Damon but no worries–  there was still plenty of man candy.

Next on the agenda was getting some food. Id been craving chips and salsa for days on end so we moseyed over to a local spot for some cheap Mexican grub.



And incase you were wondering….OF COURSE we rounded out the night by watching Fear!! There may have been some fruity wine and homemade brownies involved too.


As for the rest of my weekend I am staying warm in this cold rainy weather and having a “Redbox” kind of night.


What did you do this weekend?



    • runninginpinkproject says:

      It was good. I enjoyed it. Its not the comedy it seemed in the preview but it was still good.

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