Mental Health Weekend

So it’s been building for a while. A couple of weeks ago on my Train road trip weekend I noticed my patience was wearing a little thin. Kristen and I decided to to do a bit of outlet shopping the day after the concert. I was browsing some super cute jeans in the clearance section of the store. Now this is very important–  It was the CLEARANCE section of a DISCOUNT OUTLET. Suddenly, a woman walks up to the sales girl that I was chatting with about owl rings (random I know) and says to her, and I quote exactly I kid you not, “Darling can you pull a few summer things for me? Dresses mainly. And absolutely nothing with an empire (which she took GREAT pains to pronounce Om-pee-air) waist because my breasts are far to large”. I stood there for a second and truly had to bite my tongue to keep from saying “you get that you are in the CLEARANCE section of an outlet right? Pull your own dresses weirdo.” Instead I just walked out. Since then, Ive noticed my temper has been shorter, patience running low, and general motivation not so great. Honestly, it’s not a big surprise. In between the health concerns my mother is having, the turmoil and drama that is surrounding our transition to Tampa, and the general stress of running our household alone I’ve been due a mental health day…..or weekend as luck would have it. It has been *just* what I needed.

There has been….

Good Wine..


Lunch (and menu planning) Out…


Grocery Shopping (found some awesome new hummus)..


Some workouts…


And Lots of Rest!


Ive had plenty of alone time and I am 100% ready to hit the ground running tomorrow! One good thing about a plan free weekend is the ability to leisurely cook some things I have been craving. One of these cravers was my friend Kristen’s chili beans. It is actually a funny story–  chili beans are kind of a complicated art at my house. The hubs and I always try different spices, peppers, wines to deglaze, etc. Basically you name it and we’ve tried it. As I was having some of the best chili beans EVER at Kristen’s house I was racking my brain trying to figure out if I tasted a hint of wine or chili en adobo. I decided, finally, I would just ask her at which time she very nicely informed me that with two active toddlers she had to keep the dinner routine very simple. I felt a little like an idiot when she gave me her secret recipe but here it is for you… (Teehee..and its so good, trust me!)


Brown up you beef or turkey with 1 chopped onion. I used a lean ground sirloin.



Next, add in your first layer of spices: salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, (and I also added a touch of chipolte chili powder and a pinch of cayenne)


Toss in the beans and another “round” of the above spices. I used one can of brown and one of white.


While the beans heat through whisk together 1 1/2 cans of tomato sauce, 1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce, 2 tablespoons hot sauce, garlic powder


Add your sauce to the already warm meat/bean mixture and bring it to a boil.


While the chili was coming together I decided to bust out one of the amazing samples sent to be by Alexia Foods. Ill have a full review of their products (and a giveaway) later in the week so stay tuned for that!! When Alexia contacted me about a possible review/giveaway I didnt even hesitate to say yes. Alexia is a staple in my freezer (helloooo sweet potato fries–  Im talking to you!!) but what I didnt know is they also have other yummy, non fries related, products as well.


Artisan Rosemary and Olive Oil Ciabatta….Um yes please! I knew I would be pleased with the taste but I was even MORE pleased with the nutritional stats (a totally reasonable 120 calories) and the super quick baking time.


It was the perfect starch to add to my newest recipe that Ive dubbed “BFF chili”.


It was pretty much a match made in culinary heaven. Luckily I made extras to take to lunch with my chili left overs! And speaking of chili simply garnish with a touch of sour cream and a few fresh scallions–  delish!


I cant wait to bust both of these gems out for football season!!! On tap this week–  back to my regular workout routine, weigh ins, an Aleixa Foods giveaway, and a recipe for the world’s best quinoa!

How do YOU like to de-stress?




    • runninginpinkproject says:

      It was so good and so uncomplicated! Its now on my football Sunday list for the fall!!! 🙂

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