A Humbling Run and A Country Breakfast

So why am I writing yesterdays blog post on a Monday night when I should be running? Two reasons:

1. I was beyond busy yesterday and didn’t get a blog up

2. I really really need a night to recover from yesterday morning’s run

With the hubs home we decided it would be fun to get up early and head out for a run.


Since purchasing my Garmin a few months ago I had been a little reluctant to use it. I know it sounds dumb but I was really afraid to see just how “bad” my time was. I thought I would end up discouraged so I never took her out for her maiden voyage. The hubs encouraged me to not think this way. So, he gave me a quick tutorial on how to use it. He also helped me adjust the heart rate monitor. For those who are more athletically inclined this will seem like a no brainer but I was pretty clueless. If you are clueless too–  The monitor is to fit snuggly just below the sports bra area. You want to make sure the fit is correct so you dont end up with rubbing or chaffing on your run.


After getting set up it was time to head out. It turns out running with the Garmin was awesome. I am not sure why I ever resisted it.


The trail is still a little beat up from the storms a few weeks ago. Luckily the paved trail was clear and we were good to go!



The hubs is a stronger and faster runner than I am (most people are….ahem) but he was patient and worked with me a lot during the run. Having someone there to help correct my form, encourage sprints, and essentially push me harder than I have been pushing myself was great. It was also brutal. I was a sweaty, jelly legged mess after but I felt great!


After our workout we headed home and I got to work on breakfast. The hubs is a huge fan of traditional biscuits and gravy. I had never ever attempted to make them since they have approximately one million calories but I really wanted to learn how to make the hubs favorite breakfast. So, after some googling, recipe reading, and planning I was set.

First, take one pack of sausage and cook up the sliced patties.



Set the finished patties aside, freeze them, eat them, or whatever you like. Essentially you are cooking them to use their rendered fat. Once you remove the patties drop in a second pack of sausage. This pack you will break apart like ground beef.


The hubs got in on the action and decided to make some eggs. Eggs are, of course, optional. Heh


Once the crumbles are browned you will spoon in 2–3 tablespoons of flour. Essentially you are soaking up the grease with the flour which will be the gravy thickening agent. Once that cooks down 30–50 seconds you can add whole milk. Skim will ruin the gravy by sweetening it too much. Add the milk until the crumbles are covered. Less is more. You can always add more milk later but its much more difficult to doctor a runny  gravy.




Add LOTS of pepper and let the gravy come up to a rolling boil. Immediately reduce the heat and allow it to simmer and thicken.


Serve over freshly baked biscuts.


Since I was using Sunday as my “flex” day for the week I made myself a small plate. It was H I G H in points and calories but delicious. Definitely not something I could ever move in to the heavy rotation. But, treats are to be enjoyed and not stressed over. That is something important to keep in mind.


After breakfast the hubs and I got ready and headed out to a matinee.


We rounded out the day with a family BBQ. There is nothing better than an afternoon of

Good Food:





Good Friends…










And Fun!







It was a long but amazing Sunday!

Winner Announced:

Congrats to Whitney the winner of my Zipfizz giveaway. Please send your mailing address to sara@runninginpinkproject.com and we will get your prize right out!!


What did YOU do this weekend?