Day Tripping

A total of 6 hours in the car to spend 5 hours with my family??? Totally worth it! After a lovely trip home for Easter a couple of months ago I have been itching to go back. Today seemed like a perfect day. After a very light breakfast I jumped in the car for the 3 hour trip to WV.



I passed the time singing way too loud with my Gavin Degraw CDs and before I knew it I was seeing those all too familiar sights.


This trip always reminds me of when the hubs and I were dating. I made the trip from Lynchburg to Princeton more times than I can count. I could probably do it in my sleep. The one thing I couldnt do in my sleep, however, is navigate the winding roads to my parents’ place. Those country roads are not kidding around.


I did manage to get there in one piece and was all smiles when their little farm came into view. The garden is my mother’s pet project. She is totally amazing at it and it completely blows my mind.


The pops and Marvin came out to meet me.


Marvin is an excellent smiler!


It was nice to not have a ton of plans for a change. We were able to just sit and chat for a few hours. I really enjoyed it. Mom and I did spend a little time looking up tuna casserole recipes. I think we found a winner that we are both making this week!


We also spent some time reminiscing about my grandmother. Finding this photo of her made my heart hurt but wasnt she a beauty??


We knew my time was pretty limited today but I wanted some time to walk around outside and just relax. My parents’ house is so secluded and relaxing. Just a few minutes hanging out in their yard is like free therapy…at least it is to me. Its hard to look at that view and not feel at peace.


Another thing I love about home in the summer is all of my mother’s beautiful flowers!




After a couple of family shots we decided to head out to a really late lunch or super early dinner (whichever you prefer).




Even though the three of us have VERY different eating habits the one thing we can all agree on is a good steak. My mom had texted me the night before my trip to let me know they had decided on Outback Steak House. This was I was able to pre-plan my Saturday meals so I could get exactly what I wanted and still fall within my point range.

Salad with honey mustard on the side


Grilled Shrimp


and a 6 oz filet mignon with sweet potato fries (did not eat all of the fries pictured)


We had a lot of fun at dinner and it was incredibly hard for me to tell these guys goodbye.


I feel like I get to bring a little piece of home back with me though. My mom hooked me up with several cans of fresh veggies from her garden! I cannot wait to get into those green beans this week!!!


I also got an unexpected surprise in the form of a gift bag from my parents. They hooked me up with my favorite toiletries, make up, coffee and accessories, snacks, and a beautiful watch. I was thrilled! I really did absolutely nothing to deserve this. I am so blessed with the family I have.




I am one worn out (but happy) girl.

On Deck for tomorrow: Tower of Terror 10 miler training begins!!!

What was the last unexpected gift you received?