Weekend Diet Survival

Helloooo Weekend! Despite the diet hurdles I might face on the weekend I always welcome it with open arms. Ill take sunshine, shopping, and time with friends and family anytime, any way! However, surviving the weekend on a diet plan means a little bit of strategic planning on the part of the dieter. In the past I have been asked, “Why dont you just avoid tempting situations?” For me, that makes no applicable sense. I would never miss an event with pals or a fun time with family just because I dont want to “mess up”. Besides, you would never really learn to healthfully live in the real world by hiding in the safe diet bubble of your home through the whole weight loss process.

This Saturday was especially tricky. I had a sushi girls night out AND the Birthday party of a friend’s daughter to attend. Normally I allow myself a bit of a splurge (within points) on Saturday. But, I could not do that this week as I know Ill probably need those extra points on Thursday. So, first thing Saturday morning I got up, plugged in foods to my e-tools account, and made a plan I could work with. I also made a promise to myself to see it through…..And I did.

Saturday morning I was up early. One of my favorite little ladies, pal Kristen’s daughter, was turning 3!! This meant a fabulous Birthday blow-out. It also meant a 1 1/2 hour drive to her mother’s home. I stocked the car with loads of water and an emergency apple and headed out, gift in hand.



Such a beautiful day to turn 3 right?


The Birthday girl chose a Cat in The Hat theme for her big day. Kristen always throws beautiful parties and this one was no exception.





Everything was precious, down to the last detail. (How cute are these homemade cupcakes?!?)\


My first hurdle of day was sticking to my choice of a small slice of Birthday cake but NO additional sweets and no alcohol. Kristen always has grown-up friendly beverages at her parties. It was tough to turn down a fruity drink but I knew deep down that I would enjoy a small slice of this ridiculously adorable cake so much more…



The kids splashed around in the pool and had a great time. It was such a lovely day! I enjoyed getting some sun on the patio.


When it was time for lunch I surveyed the table pretty carefully. They had a huge spread with a variety of foods. I loaded up on fruits and a veggie pasta salad with an oil (not mayo) base. Then I added a couple “skinny pigs”, a dollop of the most incredible potato salad Ive ever had, and a couple of whole grain chips with cheese. While the friend chicken smelled A-Maze-Ing I knew I had sushi to “budget” for later in the night. I was surprised to find my little plate did a great job filling me up.


The party was a huge success and the guest of honor could not have been cuter rocking her “Thing 1” shirt (baby brother was “Thing 2”)



And incase you were wondering…Holding out for a slice of cake versus having a drink or indulging in another treat= totally worth it. I asked Kristen’s husband to cut my peice small and, without blowing my diet, I enjoyed a delicious slice.


After the party I met up with another one of my pals, Siobhan, for some sushi. (Hi Siobhan!)


Sushi is tricky. It looks innocent and somewhat healthy-ish but packs a HUGE points value punch. I chose two rolls from the menu (Shrimp and Tuna) earlier in the day. Those were the first points I plugged in to E-Tools and I worked my day around them.



I came in 100% on Target and did not need to dip into my flex points. With some planning I had a successful FUN Saturday.

On Deck for this week’s blogs: Sweet Potato Casserole, Road Trip to Charlotte, and Tower of Terror 10 Miler training begins!

How do you stay “on plan” during the weekend?



  1. Emily says:

    Oooh, sweet potato casserole? I do love sweet potatoes! Great job on sticking with your points. That cake looked adorable!

    Have you figured out your outfit for ToT10M? I’m still trying to decide on mine!

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