Homestead Creamery

Another busy day bites the dust! I was working over an hour away from my office today so I spent a lot of time in the car…..a lot. Truthfully, I am faced with this about once a month in my current position and it’s really not so bad. These things tend to be what you make of them.  I just listen to music and try to relax. I mean that is, after all, hours of down time in a way..Why hello there Madonna–  yes I would like you to liven this drive up some!


Anywho, after my last meeting of the afternoon I was in desperate need of some lunch. It just so happened that I was in the middle of nowhere. True Story-think cows, goats, and beautiful farms nowhere. After consulting with Siri on my I-Phone for advice she pulled up several local restaurants. Unfortunately most of them were fast food so I weeded them out immediately. I was crossing my fingers for a Subway when she recommended “Homestead Creamery”. I was going to pass it on the way home so I thought, why not?


When I stumbled upon the little “mom and pop” type store I made a mental note to have words with Siri if she was punking me with this joint and all they had to eat inside was ice cream. It turns out; Siri had hooked me up with a delightful surprise!


First, the shop is adorable. Everything is local, minimalist, and homemade. There are shelves of bagged spinach pasta, veggie pasta etc. There are freezers of local farmer’s meat (with the farm and location on the label). The crowing glory, however, are the dairy products.


If you research this creamery you will find rave review after rave review of the their incredible natural milk, butter, cream etc. The milk is from right there on the farm where the cows are well taken care of and apparently fed magic food because I have never tasted anything like it!

Anywho, more on the milk in a minute. I was there to grab a quick lunch. They had a pretty big menu of sandwiches and sides. I chose the “Sassy But Classy” on whole grain.


Basically this was fresh Boars Head sliced chicken, tomatoes, peppers, grilled onions, and a spicy chipolte sauce. A simple ingredient list = simple calculations for calories and weight watchers points. It was also protein packed and sounded yummy.



Even though the potato salad looked amazing I paired my Sassy but Classy with a small bag of sea salt and vinegar chips. I had no way to calculate the calories in the potato salad and that’s just not ok during the week so I had to pass.


Lunch was tasty and I knew I was not getting out of that creamery without sampling their ice-cream. It would be kind of like visiting a vineyard and passing on the wine. IE: Crazy! So, I ordered a “kiddie” cup. I committed to only have 5 spoonfuls as that’s all of the calories/points I had to spare for a treat. It might seem like a weird thing to do but I really am committed to my goals. I knew this treat meant giving up a snack later in the day.


Worth it! I am normally not an ice cream person but this strawberry cake flavor was amazing. Even the berries were fresh. I did have to resist the urge to keep eating after my 5 spoons and toss the cup but wow was it delicious!


Now, back to the milk. Homestead Creamery is a wink and a nudge to the days of the milkman and natural local milk (they even have a milk truck out front!).All the milk at Homestead Creamery comes from two local farms, both in their third and fourth generations of family ownership.  The milk is also free of all hormones and antibiotics. It also comes in glass bottles to preserve taste and ensure longevity. In fact, when you buy a bottle you place a “bottle deposit” of $2.00 down. You can return the bottle to grocers who carry the product (there is one near my house) and get your money back before buying the next bottle. Essentially, you use the same $2.00 over and over until you stop buying the milk and get it returned OR decide to just keep the big glass container it comes in. I chose the non-fat milk but they have every variety you can imagine.



If it had not been the middle of a workday I would have loved the opportunity to browse the store. However, I had another hour or driving to get back to the office ahead of me. I will say I am so glad I found my way into a place Ive driven by 50 times and never given a second look!


After work came 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga followed by my yoga work-study shift. Luckily no one seems to mind a sweaty front desk gal!!


Now off to make some Amy’s organic soup and fresh fruit plate for a nice light dinner.

I am ALREADY excited for the weekend. Who’s with me??

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  1. Emily says:

    I’m drooling over the ice cream! Sounds delicious!! All of it sounds delicious! What a great find. Sooooo excited for the weekend. It has not been the best of weeks.

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