Sayonara To Singlehood Soiree

Even though Siobhan’s technical “real” bridal shower will be in NY with her family we decided to get a local group together to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. Several weeks ago I sent out cute little invites for a Sayonara to Single-hood Soiree to wish her well. We tossed around several ideas but something about Sunday Brunch just screams bridal so that is exactly what we decided to do. Favors in hand, I headed over to The Neighbors Place in Lynchburg to meet up with some great girls.




We made sure every place setting had a cute little favor. I dont think anyone got our little joke. Siobhan’s fiance is from Nigeria so we thought it would be super cute to match up a single white chocolate and dark chocolate truffle. Sort of a wink and a nod to two totally different backgrounds coming together into one sweet relationship. It made us giggle during the planning process so I guess thats all that really matters! We ended up with a full table of fabulous ladies!




Along with some yummy food (I got totally caught up and forgot to take a photo) there was some amazing sangria. I opted for the white wine sangria with peaches but the red looked equally delicious.


It was great to see the bride to be all smiles!


Oh yes, and there was cake…Fabulous amazing rich cake!


You cant tell from the photo but there were chocolate chips baked right in. SO good!


I love the random joy of wedding and shower gifts. Have you ever seen such a big smile for an egg slicer? I love this!



And, after a few photo ops it was time to head home.





I was dying to come home and nap after the brunch as I had been feeling a little “off” all morning and afternoon. However, since Phase II of Bridesmaid Boot Camp goes into effect tomorrow I had to make sure I had plenty of fresh food since processed food is pretty much out. Just incase you were ever wondering what 45.00 worth of produce looks like–  well it looks like this…



A full crisper and full bottom shelf isn’t too bad for 45.00 I guess. Since I had a coupon I also picked up some of my favorite coffee today.


Gotta love variety!


I am so not ready to face Monday but Im going in “Happy, Healthy, and Strong”.

How was your weekend?