Short and Sweet

Tonight’s post is short and sweet. Im leaving for FL in a few hours and I still have dishes to do, towels to dry, and statistics homework that sadly will not complete itself. On the travel end of things I am officially packed, locked, loaded and ready to fly to Orlando tomorrow.


I decided, since its nearly always “toes out” season in Florida, Siobhan and I should run out for from quick mani/ pedis after work. Now, dont get me wrong–  I love a good spa day for pampering. However, when it comes to having my nails done I want it done quickly and efficiently. I was SO sure thats what we were walking into today but it was a manicure FAIL (at least for me). It took my gal nearly an hour longer than Siobhans. Ahem. So much for a quick visit to the salon. At least my nails look great!  Can you guess which set of toes are mine??


Post mani/pedi we decided to take a little walk down to Target. Ive been stocking up on cute cheap summer dresses. I dont mind shelling out some $$ for a classic piece but for trendy “throw away” items you really cant beat Target!


It suddenly turned insanely cold on our walk to Target so we ended our little evening out with some warm soup from Panera..perfection!


Tomorrow Ill be coming to you from the Sunshine State!!! Get ready fellow Princesses!