Inside Out Chicken Burgers

The hubs left on Thursday morning to drive back to his place in Tampa. I wanted to make his last night in Virginia as low-key and “homey” as possible since it would be awhile before we would get the chance to see one another again. Part of this cozy night in was me promising to make the hubs “anything in the world” he wanted to eat for dinner. The man did not hesitate for an instant before he replied, “I want inside out burgers.”, Inside out burgers are not my brain child though I really wish they were. I started making them a couple of years ago after watching an episode of 30 minute meals with my favorite culinary gal Rachael Ray. You can find her recipe HERE. Her version is delicious but like she always says recipes are a method. So, I took her method and healthified it a little so that it was a little more diet and Weight Watchers friendly. Enjoy!

First, begin my sautéing one large onion in a drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper, and chipolte chili powder.


You let them caramelize into a soft smoky topper for your burgers.


While the onions are working cut up tons of fresh burger toppers. Lettuce, tomato, and pickles are always a good (and classic) choice.


Brown up 1–2 strips of lean center cut bacon per burger. This adds a ton of flavor without a ton of calories. Chop that bacon and set aside with a freshly shredded sharp cheddar.



Now its time to make the burgers. I combined 1 lb of ground chicken breast (lean and so delicious), salt, pepper, garlic, a hint of red pepper flake, and a tablespoon of dijon mustard.


Once your burger base is combined you will take your traditional “patty” and mold it into a little burger well.


Either make all of the wells first OR get a partner with clean hands to come in and assist. Fill each well with a sprinkle of bacon and a sprinkle of cheese.



Fold over the edges to make a stuffed patty.


Place the patties in a heated pan with a drizzle of olive oil. Since the chicken breast is lean it will need the fat to brown properly.


The burgers are small which means there is not a ton of “filling”. However, the ingredients are so flavor dense that you do not need much to make an impact. “Fry” the patties on each side and allow them to heat through.


The finished product will look like this…


Next you will build your burger to taste (I love mine with mustard, a touch of light BBQ sauce, and piles of veggies.


Each patty if prepared as shown clocks in at 8 WW points (does not include bun).


The hubs didnt even mind the substitutions. In fact, he had seconds which rarely happens these days. Everyone left the dinner table full and happy!!

Do you have a favorite “stuffed” burger recipe?