Ultimate Vegetarian Tacos

Who doesnt love a great Mexican dish? There is definitely something to be said for piping hot beans, crispy shells, and cold toppings. Since the hubs has taken up residence in Florida I have had the opportunity to explore my vegetarian side a little more. This is something I have always wanted to try but found it was just easier to go with the flow and eat the chicken or turkey I was fixing for him. Since it’s just me I can finally make all of the recipes I have found or made up in my head over the last several months. This “single gal” thing kind of has its perks after all! Tonight’s creation was “Ultimate Veggie Tacos” and that they were…..

First–  I started by chopping up the meals “stars”–  a red pepper, onion, and squash. You can really use whatever you like or happen to have on hand.


It was actually my very first time preparing a squash in any capacity so I was pretty proud.


I like smaller bites in my tacos but feel free to cut the vegetables as chunky and you like. Its really all about preference.


Next–  Dress your chopped veggies in salt, pepper, and olive oil.



Roast your veggies in the oven at 425–450 degrees for 10–18 minutes depending on how you like them. You end up with a fabulous pan of caramlized warm veggies.


While my veggies were roasting I busied myself by preparing the other ingredients-heating up some fat free re-fried beans, chopping tomatoes, shredding lettuce etc. I also got my two grocery store finds -Whole Grain Shells and Black Bean and Corn Salsa ready to use.


Finally it was time to build some tacos. (Ignore the shot glasses. I coulnt get these guys to stand up otherwise!) I filled my whole grain shells with fat free re-fried beans.


Next, I piled on the veggies..the more the better!


I topped my veggies with a touch of amazing herbed goat cheese. You can use whatever you prefer or go cheese free!


Finally, I added all of the “traditional taco toppings” like lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, and my favorite…black bean and corn salsa.


The roasted veggies and goat cheese made an amazing combination. These were some of the most flavorful tacos I have ever eaten! It was a definite win!


Have you ever modified a recipe to “go vegetarian”? How did it work out?