Earthquake Soup

So today while at the office we randomly experienced an earthquake (along with most of the east coast!). I was sitting in supervision with my boss when the walls started shaking. We jokingly said “oh hey, it must be an earthquake” and it turns out….it was! Crazy right?!?! Work was pretty much a no go after all of the excitement so I headed home-and with plenty of time on my hands–  decided to make a yummy soup for dinner. My friend jokingly called it “Earthquake Soup” which made me smile so I guess that’s what Ill call it too….

The inspiration for this soup actually came about from a cold night back in December. The hubs and I had spend the evening at “Christmas Town” in Busch Gardens Williamsburg. After searching the park for dinner I smelled the most amazing smell. It turned out to be sausage dogs with grilled onions and green bell peppers. I tossed on a little vinegar and it was perfection. Since that beast of a dog was not a health friendly meal I decided to turn it into a soup.

Christmas town 012


This soup is actually insanely easy to make. You start by browning up 1 to 1.25 lbs of hot Italian sausage along with 2–4 cloves of diced garlic. You can feel free to sub sweet or Italian turkey sausage if you like.


Next, toss in 3 chopped green bell peppers and two chopped onions. I prefer the veggies rustic like this but the hubs likes them diced. You can do whatever works for you.


After the veggies have a chance to soften (7–8 minutes) you will deglaze your pan with some vinegar. I prefer balsamic vinegar, but again, you can use what you like. Be sure to jostle the caramelization in the bottom of the pot.


After you give the vinegar a chance to cook out you will add 2 cups of chicken stock and 28 ounces of fire roasted tomatoes. I like to buy a variety of tomato that is canned with an extra “kick” of garlic, basil, etc.


Let your creation simmer and fill your house with yummy soup smells! After 20 or so minutes of simmering your soup is ready to be served.


Add on some crusty beer bread and a slice or two of fresh cheddar and you have the perfect comfort food meal!



What is your favorite soup recipe?


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