Susan G Komen ~Race for the Cure 5K

In the midst of my recent drama there were some definite high points. For example, earlier in April I participated in the Susan G Komen: Race for the Cure. This is a cause I love and I will admit I also love seeing everyone all decked out in pink! Speaking of pink–  I made sure my own “girls” were pink clad for the occasion in a shirt I bought at the fit for a princess expo back in February.

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The hubs and I were up and out pretty early as the race was over an hour away. I thought I was allowing us plenty of time since the parking was such a nightmare last year. It turns out not so much. The day simply did not get off to the best start. It was pouring the rain as we left the house and I sort of felt like snuggling back in and “sleeping for the cure” instead.

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Despite the weather and a minor snafu with the directions we finally made it to the park where the race was being held. Once again getting into the park and parking was a nightmare. However, on a more positive note, the rain had died down to a drizzle and with a late race start we still had plenty of time to check out the vendors.

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Can I say how thrilled I was to see Starbucks in the mix? Usually coffee before a race is a huge “no no” for me but my cold fingers and toes convinced me to make an exception.

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Also, I feel in LOVE with this pink VW bug. I absolutely heart VW Bugs and to see one all decked out in pink just made my morning!

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Finally, after a lengthy delay it was time to start the race. They had the race separated into competitive and noncompetitive. I found it incredibly rude for walkers to choose the competitive run as their option. The noncompetitive race could not start until the competitive runners had made it back. However, we waited and waited and waited for walkers to mosey in. Don’t misunderstand, I think its wonderful to get out there and walk a 5k. However, it is incredibly inconsiderate to hold up hundreds of runners/walkers because you wanted an earlier start time. Sometimes people just don’t think. Anyway, the ridiculous wait did give me a chance to snap a few photos so all was not lost.

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When scoping out last year’s photos I got a little nostalgic for that sunny weather on race day!

The actual run went really well. It started to rain again around the 0.75 mile mark so I pushed myself a little harder than I normally would. I didn’t bust out my camera during the race but I did PR coming in at just under 40 minutes.

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After the race the hubs and I decided to warm up at Fork in The Alley with some lunch. I am such a fan of bruchetta, add some spinach to the mix and I am sold!

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Finally, no day trip to Roanoke could be complete without a trip to  Bubblecake. Agh! Thank goodness for flex points. 😉

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