Dinner and Movie…..Cinebistro Review

After Liz made it home from work we did some catching up. We haven’t seen one another in WAY too long so needless to say we had a lot to talk about. The sun was literally setting before we made plans for the night. Since it was just so amazingly pretty out, we hung out on the balcony (with her pup Landon) and enjoyed the scenery.

Since we are both winter babies we have a girl’s weekend every February to celebrate and exchange gifts. Check out these fabulous girly gifts from Liz. I just love the super fancy compact and the note pad is going right up on my fridge to keep track of our grocery list.

After our fun gift exchange we decided to head over to Stony Point Fashion Park. Since it was so late we did some window shopping, drooled over the displays at Louis Vuitton and headed down to Cinebistro for dinner and a movie.

Cinebistro describes itself as “an upscale and stylish establishment where moviegoers can dine while enjoying a major motion picture or the best in art and independent films.” I had some high expectations going into this girl’s night out and Cinebistro did not disappoint. Liz and I were all smiles as we headed in to see No Strings Attached starring the genetically gifted Ashton Kutcher.

Cinebistro was a great place to spend a girl’s night out and would make an excellent date spot. The décor was cute and sassy from the fun umbrella covered tables outside to the high ceilings inside. There is also a full bar just inside the door. (I should mention Cinebistro is 21 and over only).

After a waitress comes to take your drink order you are then seated in assigned seats inside of a roomy theatre. The seats are very roomy and plush. The theatre is roomy but the seating is limited. It has a very sassy yet classic feel to it and I have to admit I was getting pretty excited for our little adventure. I snapped a photo of Liz to show off the seats but really it just shows off her awesome new haircut!

When I heard about this “dinner and a movie” concept my fear was being stuck with “junk” food (think concession stand type of foods) or an insane price tag. Cinebistro was an incredibly pleasant surprise. The menu had everything from shrimp, to seared tuna, to salads, to pasta. There are some guy friendly choices like burgers and wings as well as the classic popcorn and soda. The staff is really quick and everyone is served before the movie begins. Liz and I chose an AMAZING flat bread appetizer with caramelized onions, dried figs (which stole the show), Brie, and balsamic vinegar. For our main course we both chose fresh mozzarella and tomato Panini with arugula and prosciutto. We also had the (hands down) best sweet potato fries ever. I only ate half of my Sammie but is was definitely a fabulous dinner.

The prices were moderate (very reasonable for a fun little night out) and the experience was a lot of fun. I will definitely be heading to Cinebistro again soon!

To cap off our fabulous girl’s night out Liz had a package waiting on her from her boyfriend who is currently visiting his family in India. Since it was her Birthday weekend he had sent her a special over-nighted order of Godiva Cupcakes. (Awesome surprise right?!?!).

Since I happened to be the lucky gal around when the cupcakes arrived Liz shared with me. 😉 Don’t those look insanely good?

So then the big question……Chocolate or Buttercream?

Well I will keep you in suspense no longer. Liz and I did what any pair of great girlfriends would do and we shared. I traded half of my chocolate cupcake for half of her buttercream. We plugged in the Weight Watchers Points Plus values for these little bites of heaven and I can truly say it was worth all 12 points I had to cash in to eat the full cupcake (though for future reference ½ of one will do the trick).

I was exhausted after such a long (but wonderful) day. So, I snuggled in my jammies on Liz’s couch, borrowed her pup since I was missing my own, and did some Weight Watchers tracking and blogging. A truly perfect girl’s night out!