Party On!

While I’m not having/attending any super fun football parties tonight (we didn’t find out until just last night we were invited to one and the hubs already had plans out of town which kind of bummed me out because I LOVE football) I did have a little soiree at our house last night. Since February is such a busy month we had to squeeze in our monthly movie night really early. Last night’s theme was movies starring former SNL stars. My pick is a personal silly favorite…Anchorman with my favorite SNL alum Will Ferrell.

I love a good party/get together. I don’t care if it is for 5 or 500, there is something so fantastic about bringing people together. (I can’t lie, I also love busting out the pretty everyday glasses).

However, it is no secret that a party can completely derail your great intentions when it comes to diet/eating plans. That is why I think it is so important to tailor your party’s menu to meet your needs. For example, last night the hubs made some amazing chili with ground turkey, organic beans, and tons of veggies. It was incredibly flavorful and no one even noticed (or cared) that it was a low calorie option!

I also decided that it was not acceptable to serve chili without grilled cheese sandwiches so I made some mini grilled cheeses sandwiches with whole grain bread and 2% cheese. They were a huge hit!

With these two dishes “starring” on the buffet I felt like it was alright to add some more caloric “crowd pleasers”. There is something to be said for self-control and planning. I made sure to workout extra hard pre-party so I could indulge in some of my famous “Memphis Salsa” dip and a chocolate chip brownie! Yum! With proper planning I managed to pass on most of the items brought in by others. I was able to have a controlled indulgence and I felt good about my “splurges” instead of sad or guilty as in the past. This is truly a moment of growth. Part of successfully losing weight (I am learning) is to change one’s disordered relationship with food. With just a few modifications we were able to have a fantastic spread for our pals (that met everyone’s needs!)

At the end of the day the best part about a party isn’t the food, it’s the fun. You can have just as many laughs with a low calorie meal as with a high calorie one. At the end of the day a fabulous time was had by all (and all of those dirty dishes….. totally worth it!)

Have a Happy and Healthy football Sunday!

What is your favorite healthy option for watching the big game?