A Cure for a Crazy Week

If you have had a crazy workweek, issues with pals, or family drama you can feel pretty exhausted by the time Thursday rolls around. Even though the weekend is just a tiny moment away sometimes you need to take an evening to recharge. Tonight I found the perfect formula…..


Step 1- Change into some comfy “after school clothes” and make silly faces with your pals

Step 2- Prepare a healthy dinner of fresh fish, homemade baked apples, and French cut green beans to enjoy with said pals and fabulous hubs

Step 3- Get comfy on the couch and warm up with the world’s softest blanket (My house is always freezing guys! True Story)

Step 4-Watch guilty pleasure tween television with pals and fabulous hubs (yes he watches Vampire Diaries and I LOVE that about him!)

Step 5-Snuggle up some furry puppies and forget your troubles!


A couple of hours with some fantastic people and you will forget all about your drama! How do YOU like to unwind after a crazy week?