Sandwich Meets Fork

I thought I would torture entertain all of you living with the feet upon feet of snow with a little photo look see at my trail run/walk today. It was a clear beautiful 45 degrees and the trail was packed. I love how beautiful and blue the sky looked. Other than some super tight calves in the beginning and some toe pain near the end I could have stayed out there for hours. (Well except for that pesky sun setting thing). These little bursts of nice weather remind me there is an end to the winter in sight.

When I got home I was starving so I decided to make a dish I have been interested in trying for quite some time. My gal Rachael Ray made this on 30 Minute Meals ages ago and I thought it looked really yummy. She calls it a “Cuban Hash” since it incorporates the elements of a Cuban sandwich. You can find her recipe HERE. Due to my eating plan I made several adjustments to this super easy to make knife and fork kind of sammie.

-I started by toasting up some whole grain bread in the oven with olive oil, chopping 1 medium onion, and chopping 3 links of lean andouille sausage (none of it is super lean so just do your best).

-Next I substituted ground turkey for ground pork and heated it in a skillet with cumin, all spice, salt and pepper. After it was slightly browned I tossed in the chopped onions.

-After this cooked up I added in the sausage

-After 2-3 minutes I added 2 ½ tablespoons of tomato paste and allowed it to cook through for 1-2 minutes

-Next, I poured in ½ bottle of beer (even the cheap stuff will do) and let it cook out for 3-4 minutes before reducing the heat

-As the beer cooked out I made my “relish” which was some chopped dill pickles and yellow mustard (simple yet oh so effective)

And just like that it was time to build the knife and fork sandwich

-Use toast at the base

-Pile on a couple scoops of the meat and onions

-Add a slice of 2% Swiss cheese

-Pile on the chunky homemade relish

-Top with a fried egg (Yum!)

Bust out the knife and fork because this little guy is packed with way too much awesome goodness to pick up! It was a great filling meal, was healthy with our modifications, and is totally guy friendly! Enjoy!!