Sushi + Cupcake =Perfection

Hello readers! Thank you for the emails and messages over the weekend. I decided to take a 2 day blog break to have a little date time with my husband. After getting in the habit of writing daily, a blog free weekend was a little weird but a nice change of pace. However, I am glad to be back and ready to dish all about our fabulous Saturday date day.

The hubs and I were up extra early Saturday to make the hour’s drive up to Roanoke, Va for the day. I was pretty much thrilled that the weather had warmed up enough that I didn’t have to lug a winter coat around all day. We also popped the sunroof for a bit which was an extra bonus.

You might be wondering why we traveled an hour when there are plenty of good places to grab lunch and shop where we live. Well I will tell you in a word…Wasabi’s. Wasabi’s is a small restaurant in downtown Roanoke. A friend of mine took me a few months ago and I have been hooked ever since. It’s a cute little place with very cozy decor. I think its the perfect place for a fun lunch.

They serve what my friends and I affectionately refer to as “the good sushi” and this trip did not disappoint. In order to stay on my weight loss plan I allow myself one planned indulgence every Saturday. I had been craving sushi for weeks and I knew exactly where I wanted to get it. I was all smiles as I waited patiently for my plate of sushi goodness to arrive.

This little joint filled up quickly but I barely noticed anything after my little plate of heaven made it’s way to the table. 😉

I highly recommend making a stop by Wasabi’s should you ever find yourself in the Roanoke area. It was delish! After lunch, the hubs and I did some shopping. I found some really cute things I plan on taking to FL at the end of the month as well as a complete steal on a “Lucky Brand” necklace. I love a good bargain. Once we were all shopped out we moseyed over to the moves to watch “Black Swan” (totally weird btw but I enjoyed it) and decided to round out our day of fun with a cupcake. We headed over to Bubblecake (my most favorite cupcakes on the planet) and nabbed some cupcakes to go.

Did you eat anything fantastic over the weekend? Tell me about it!


  1. Savannah says:

    OMG those cupcakes look fabulous! Glad you had a good weekend! Fanatasic weekend eats – the best bacon cheeseburger ever. I had been wanting it for three weeks!

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