Summer Eats on a Winter’s Day

As I mentioned earlier, my office was on a 2 hour or so delay this morning. As I spent a lazy couple of hours with the pups and some blogs waiting on the world to thaw out the hubs was hard at work de-icing our sidewalks, porch, and driveway. He went all “Knight in Shining Armor and a Dallas Cowboys hat” and scraped the wonder-bug for me. It was all warm and ready to go when I finally headed out.

To reward my sweetie for his efforts I decided to make a dish tonight using one of his favorite ingredients, coconut. I don’t love coconut so I don’t cook with it very often. However, after making this dish I might need to rethink that philosophy.

I spotted this recipe while watching Rachael Ray last week. She had a show highlighting her ten most downloaded recipes of 2010. One of which happened to be Coconut chicken cutlets. You can find her recipe here. My hero RR gets full credit for this gem of course but I had to change it up just a tad to meet our needs. Here is what I did.

-Trim up some boneless skinless chicken tenders and pound them until they are your desired thickness. Salt and pepper the chicken to taste. Hopefully you will have a tenderizer and not have to improvise like I did!

-Set up a 3 step “dipping station”. The first container will have flour, the second an egg beaters/water combo, and the third an unsweetened coconut/ panko bread crumb combo. (1/2 cup of each)

-After dipping your chicken tenders, place them in a hot skillet liberally drizzled with olive oil.

-Serve with dipping sauce and veggies.

I may tackle her glaze next time around but tonight we paired these tenders with a light honey Dijon sauce. Yum!

What is your favorite coconut recipe?


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