Getting Back to Good

I talked a little last week about transitioning back into running. That is happening right now as I begin preparing for the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon.  Part of that transition means fueling my body for workouts rather than being haphazard about what I am eating. I started that process today. While staying on program in terms of (weight watchers) points/calories I was very careful about putting only fruit, veggies, lean meats, and grains into my body. While I am not needing anything special in terms of my diet I am trying my best to make sound nutritional choices. Tonight I prepared a dish that completely fits the bill!

Warm Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Begin by preparing a whole grain or vegetable based pasta

-Finely Chop 1 large onion and a bell pepper (I chose a sunshiny yellow since the weather is so blah!)

-Add these veggies to a pan with extra virgin olive oil-salt and pepper to taste-then add a container of halved grape tomatoes

-After the tomatoes begin to burst add in some finely chopped artichoke hearts

-After the artichokes warm through add in some balsamic vinegar and combine it with the pasta and add in some turkey peperoni, black olives (sliced), and feta

-Add salt and pepper to taste and enjoy!