Cold Weather Style

With less than a month to go until my girls’ Christmas shopping weekend in New York I have started thinking about what I need to pack (yes three weeks in advance). Ahem. Anyway, considering the temperature, the amount of walking we are planning to do, and the fact that I refuse to dismiss style for comfort (though I NEED comfort on this trip) I am making a list of winter trip “Must Haves”. So far here is what has made the cut:

1. A warm stylish hat (or two). You can only take off a hat but so many times before you have a permanent case of bed head. This is why I nabbed this cute basic hat with some hardware detail. It can be worn for warmth or part of an outfit. I am also taking a slouchy hat or two just because I can’t seem to get enough of them.

2. Comfy (yet cute) boots. I can’t wear any of my boots with heels because I know after a super-sized all day shopping marathon around the big apple I would be ready to murder someone from the sheer pain but I also don’t want to wear dumpy looking shoes in New York. That is why I am thinking these Whooga Ugg style boots might be the way to go. I am dying for this woven tall boot in black by Whooga. Whooga is a company who manufactures Ugg style boots (similar to those by Emu, Mukluk, and UGG). I am also kind of loving Whooga’s lower price point. I think I might also need the short brown style to stay comfy on the train ride up (and it could even multi-task as my post running shoe of choice when it’s too cold for flip flops. Ugg style boots are very forgiving of swollen feet!) PS: Whooga is currently running a fun promotion/giveaway right now. Just sign up for their monthly newsletter HERE and be entered to win a super cute pair of Whooga boots!


3. A stylish warm coat. Since we are taking the train our luggage space is limited. I am planning to take two coats, one black and one either red or ivory. These are classic colors that will match everything including my boots and hat (look at that all coming together!) 🙂

4. Black is the new black. It is super easy to mix and match black basics with various scarves, sweaters and jackets. This is why black trousers, black casual pants, and a black dress are all going in my pink suitcase!

5. A sturdy bag with a pop of color or bold print. A midsize tote in a fun color would be perfect for carrying all of my essentials. I love this bag by Kate Spade (though I will probably carry something I already own and save my $$ for the city!)

What is the one thing you can’t travel without during the winter? What items should I add to my “must pack” list?

Where to buy:

-Winter hat by Tarnish Italy…..Nordstrom
-Vera Wang slouchy hat……Kohls
-Whooga black woven and Wh0oga short tan……. use the code 1060RUNNING at checkout for a 10% off discount for Running In Pink Project readers. (1 week only) Also click HERE to enter Whooga’s giveaway).
-Coats….Bloomingdales or

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