Disney Trip Re-Cap Final Day

The hubs and I were up reasonably early (10ish) despite not making it to bed until after 4:00a.m the night before. I was incredibly sore and incredibly hungry so the hubs and I headed to Downtown Disney so I could stretch out my legs some, and we could grab lunch. We decided on Earl of Sandwich (yup again) where we both got hot clubs. This was almost as good as my favorite sandwich- The All American…almost

After lunch the hubs and I did some shopping. I picked up a Minnie Mouse case for my sunglasses, a hounds-tooth print Mickey Mouse (who now sits in my living room), some Mickey Halloween votives and of course our piece of glass. This time I chose Belle and Beast. We also got silly at World of Disney and tried on hats. I am pretty sure it is time for me to upgrade to sparkly ears!

After some shopping we decided to head over to Ghiradelli. We split a hot-fudge Sunday even though I am sure I could have eaten a whole one on my own. This is one of those moments where I am proud “could” did not equal “would” and I was able to indulge without having a total calorie fest!

After snapping some photos we went back to the hotel to rest a little before our night out.

The hubs and I have several pals in Orlando and we made a date to meet up with Mark and Mandi at Universal Studios City Walk. The hubs and I arrived early and looked in a couple of stores before heading over to Margaritaville to meet up with our friends.

Even though this Margaritaville was not quite as much fun as the one at Myrtle Beach it was still a really nice time and cool atmosphere. I had a couple mango margaritas (frozen-the best!!) with my dinner and was feeling pretty fabulous by the time we left.

We spent the rest of the evening talking, laughing, snapping photos and catching up. Seeing old friends is the best, It’s just hard to always be saying good-bye.

The next morning the hubs and I headed to the airport to get on standby for earlier flights home. We made it on the second flight out and before I knew it my Disney weekend was over. I cannot wait to get back to FL in February. It’s been almost a year since I have actually been to a park (besides running through them or the Epcot after party) so I am ready for some Magic Kingdom fun! (and some Islands of Adventure/Harry Potter and Animal Kingdom fun and Hollywood Studios fun..just saying)