Healthy Living Summit 2010 Trip Recap (Saturday pt1)

I was really excited to actually start the 2010 Healthy Living Summit Sessions. It was another early morning for my HLS roommate and I who headed down to check in to the conference and collect our swag. If there is one thing bloggers love, its freebies. This swag bag was full of samples, food, coupons for discounted or free items, water bottles, a t-shirt, and tons of other goodies. One of the sponsors, Subway, gave out gift-cards to attendees, which I have been using for lunches this week (thanks Subway!).

After going through our goodies it was time for breakfast and as you might imagine the spread was healthy and fantastic. I thought about how easy it felt to make good choices when everyone around you is doing the same. All of the girls were commenting on how fresh and awesome the fruit looked and there was no mention of any not so healthy breakfast staples that often show up at conference type events (like the evil that is the glazed donut). The star of the breakfast show was the oatmeal. Have you ever stood in line for nearly 20 minutes for oatmeal? I did. Besides one minor snafu (we somehow ~gasp~ ran out of almond butter) there were tons of awesome mix-ins for the oatmeal and it was maybe the best oatmeal ever. I’m definitely on an oatmeal kick now that I am home. I also chose some fresh berries, pineapple, and a small bran muffin to round out the meal.

During breakfast we sat and listened to our Keynote speaker  talk to us about healthy habits. For the most part I think she reiterated things that we mostly already knew. However, it was kind of interesting to hear her break down a lot of the fad diets and popular eating plans in a no nonsense sort of way. It was a good way to kick off the day.

The next session I chose was Fueling For Fitness. Since I am relatively new to the athletic side of things hearing this broken down for me was awesome. I can truly say I learned a lot in this session. I was also really excited to hear my favorite post long-run recovery snack was recommended: Chocolate Milk!

It was also during this time I started to notice everyone around me had these awesome little mini net-books. They were taking notes or live blogging and I found it to be the most fantastic thing. Maybe I’m simple or just super new to blogging but I love the idea of taking a little tiny laptop with me everywhere I go. I definitely had net-book envy so the hubs and I went shopping the day after I got home. In two weeks I will be the proud owner of my very own HP netbook in (what else??) pink.

Click HERE to see  it.

The workshop that followed was on stepping up your blog photography. The speaker for this session takes amazing pictures. I just have a point and shoot camera so some of the discussion was lost on me but I did learn something about light and angles, which was great.

It was already time for lunch, which was another healthy spread. Fresh fruits and veggies are just so pretty. If you put a big salad next to some chicken nuggets there is no comparison in terms of which one is more visually pleasing. It makes is difficult to comprehend why we still put the less healthy options into our bodies. Not that I am preaching because I do it, often. It’s just hard to remember why when there are all of these vibrant options in front of me. I chose some salad with balsamic vinaigrette, fruit salad, chick-pea salad, a pickle, and a Arnold sandwich thin with cheese, squash, roasted red peppers, and roasted mushrooms. I also grabbed a sliver of raspberry cheesecake (all things in moderation!).

Immediately following lunch I attended the Time Management For Your Healthy Lifestyle session. I need a personal planner (paper for me not electronic). I need to prioritize. I need to restructure my free time to include meal planning and workouts. End of story. I have a great resource here in my husband who kind of plans his workouts around mine so we are home at the same times. There are 24 hours in a day. I need 8 at work, 1 and ½ to get dressed, 1 for driving time, and 7 for sleep. That leaves me 6.5 hours a day to get everything else in. (Plus my free weekends). 6.5 hours is a pretty big chunk of time. I should be using it better.

My final break-out session was all about Strength Training. I am still just learning in this area as well so this was all good information for me. I was also starting to get sleepy by this point but we still had one session to go.

Athenos (one of my favorite brands on the planet) sponsored a snack at this point in the day. I love some feta so a feta and hummus themed snack was heaven on a plate.

Finally, the entire group met up again for a session on The Self Comparison trap. I loved this session. It really ended the day on a positive note. Our journey’s in life are important. I am important. You are important. Our voices matter.