And It Feels So Good

Nothing is quite as promising as that first day of training, first day of dieting, or even first day at a new job. Things feel so alive and full of promise. So as days turn into weeks and weeks into months how do you keep that spark alive? That is something I am hoping to find out during my training for the Disney Wine and Dine ½ marathon.

Today was day 2 of training (technically day 1 since Monday is a rest day) and I was so excited to get out there and do my run. However, I had a long day at the office in between me and my running shoes.

Work was finished soon enough and it was time to head out for today’s run, which was two miles. I have made a decision that during these very low mile runs I am going to work some on speed and intervals. During my last training I was all over the place with my run/walk intervals and I think finding that right combination will be key in finishing the Wine and Dine ½ strong.

Today’s run was good. It felt really good to be back out there working toward something. I am working on a 4-minute run/1-minute walk interval right now. I would like to bump that up as I progress but for now this is a challenge. I was also incredibly thankful to be back in a new pair of my “old” Asics. I don’t know technicalities about shoes but these hold my foot just right. I had none of the pain I had been previously experiencing with the other style. The humidity was high so I felt a bit smothered but the body is amazing in how it adjusts as best it can. I never do well on my first mile and a half or so which is why I really looking forward to kicking up the mileage over the next few weeks.

One last running note: I am going to * try * to take 1 photo per training run until the race. I think it will be fun to look back at my different perspectives once things are all said and done.

Can you see the humidity?? Ugh!

Today was not just about the running. I planned today’s menu to include lots of veggies, protein, and good carbs. Here is a quick rundown of Tuesday’s food:

An Egg on Toast and V-8 Fusion

1 slice of left over Spinach, Broccoli, and Mushroom Casserole

Apple Slices

The infamous "$30 Salad"

No it does not cost $30 to make. 😉 Here is the deal with the 30 dollar salad. A friend spotted this salad in a nice restaurant, ordered it,  and loved it. She just didn’t love the 25+dollar price tag on a single bowl of salad. So being the fabulous girl she is she figured out exactly how to recreate it at home and was nice enough to share the recipe! So I affectionately nicknamed the salad “30 Dollar Salad” and it is worth every penny. YUM! Thanks to Lisa and Kristen for sharing. 🙂

Here is the breakdown on how to make your own 30 Dollar Salad:

  • Marinate thinly sliced steak in equal parts honey and balsamic vinegar (for at least 2 hours-overnight of possible) and then grill or sauté in light olive oil.

  • Cube Potatoes and Bake them with Olive Oil and Rosemary at 425 for 20 minutes

  • Steam Green Beans –Approximately 10-15 per person (season to taste) Tonight I had to use frozen and they were still really good. Steamed would have been great!

  • Prepare (cut, wash, dry, etc) some mixed greens (or cheat any buy them bagged like I do!)
  • Grill up 1 large sliced onion in olive oil (Mushrooms would be yummy too)
  • Combine equal parts honey and balsamic vinaigrette for a dressing

Place the Potatoes in your bowl

Top with Green Beans

Top with Mixed Greens

Top With Steak

Top with Onions

Top with Dressing

And Enjoy!!!

Have a Happy and Healthy Tuesday


  1. Kristen says:

    So glad you’re back in the training groove! Also glad you loved the salad. I’ll tell Lisa it was a hit with you and B 🙂

  2. Kristen says:

    Next time when you use the fresh steamed green beans it will be 10 times better. So that’s something to look forward on your next $30 Salad rotation 🙂

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