When Thursday comes my system seems to think it’s the weekend. I relax a little and I start to crave “weekend food”. This makes it a little tricky to stay on task but I managed to pass through today’s Thursday cravings with gusto (and a little creativity)!

Breakfast was a light whole grain English muffin with egg whites and a reduced sugar serving of mango and pineapple juice. (not pictured).

Lunch was left over soup from last night. I love how all of the flavors blend together after a night in the refrigerator. The carrots and celery also stayed firm which means I am finally learning to not overcook my veggies.

I had a mid afternoon snack of 1 large banana.

I had been craving wings (not good for you) and potato skins (really not good for you) all week. Since I knew I couldn’t have those things I decided to make some substitutions and trick my body into giving up on its wings and potatoes dream. Instead I made buffalo chicken sloppy joes (with 99% fat free ground turkey breast subbed for the chicken and also with more veggies than called for to bump up the nutritional value) and mashed potato skins (made with less center cut bacon, reduced fat cheese, and reduced fat buttermilk). These are both surprisingly low in Weight Watchers points values and they taste really indulgent. They are also boy friendly so if you have a husband to cook for this works for everyone!

I used my favorite cookbook to get these recipes. I HEART Rachael Ray and almost every single one of her cookbooks. While they are all well loved the “Big Orange Book” is my fave. I have also linked to the recipes under my recipe tab in case you would like to try them!

Tonight  is P90X Yoga followed by some much deserved TIVO and Blog Reading.

Have a Happy and Healthy Thursday!